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p. 126


Given by Eliphaz Lévi in 'Rituel de la Haute Magie,' Chapter xiii.

POWERS of the Kingdom, be beneath my left foot, and within my right hand.

Glory and Eternity touch my shoulders, and guide me in the Paths of Victory.

Mercy and justice be ye the Equilibrium and splendour of my life.

Understanding and Wisdom give unto me the Crown.

Spirits of Malkuth conduct me between the two columns whereon is supported the whole edifice of the Temple.

Angels of Netzach and of Hod strengthen me upon the Cubical Stone of Yesod.


BINAHEL, be Thou my Love!

RUACH CHOKMAHEL, be Thou my Light!

Be that which Thou art, and that which thou willest to be, O KETHERIEL!

Ishim, assist me in the Name Of SHADDAL

Cherubim, be my strength in the Name of ADONAL

Beni Elohim, be ye my brethren in the Name of the Son, and by the virtues of TZABAOTH.

Elohim, fight for me in the Name of TETRAGRAMMATON.

Malachim, protect me in the Name Of YOD HE VAU HE.

Seraphim, purify my love in the Name of ELOAH.

Chaschmalim, enlighten me with the splendours of ELOHI, and of SCHECHINAH.

Aralim, act ye; Auphanim, revolve and shine.

Chaioth Ha-Qadosch, cry aloud, speak, roar, and groan; Qadosch, Qadosch, Qadosch., SHADDAI, ADONAI, YOD CHAVAH, EHEIEH ASHER EHEIEH!

Halelu-Yah! Halelu-Yah! Halelu-Yah. Amen.


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