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Author List: D

d'Alviella, Goblet: The Migration of Symbols [1894]
d'Olivet, Fabre; Pythagoras: The Golden Verses of Pythagoras [1917]
Da Vinci, Leonardo; Jean Paul Richter: The Da Vinci Notebooks [1883]
Damascus, John of; Hilary of Poitiers: Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. IX [1847-50]
Danby, Herbert: Tractate Sanhedrin, Mishnah and Tosefta [1919]
Darby, J.N.: Darby Bible [1890]
Darby, John Nelson: Synopsis of the Books of the Bible [1857-62]
Darby, John Nelson: The Man of Sorrows [no date (pre-1882)]
Darby, John Nelson: Notes on the Book of the Revelation [1876]
Darmesteter, James: The Zend Avesta, Part I: Vendîdâd (SBE 4) [1880]
Darmesteter, James: The Zend Avesta, Part II: The Sîrôzahs, Yasts and Nyâyis (SBE 23) [1882]
Darrow, Clarence: Absurdities of the Bible
Darrow, Clarence: Facing Life Fearlessly
Darrow, Clarence: Why I Am An Agnostic
Darwin, Charles: Voyage of the Beagle [1909]
Darwin, Charles: The Descent of Man [1871]
Darwin, Charles: Origin of Species [1872]
Dasent, George: Popular Tales from the Norse [1904]
Dasent, George W.: Icelandic Sagas, Vol. 3: The Orkneyingers Saga [1894]
Dasent, George Webbe: The Story of Gisli the Outlaw [1866]
Dasent, George Webbe: The Story of Burnt Njal [1861]
Dasgupta, S.N.: Hindu Mysticism [1927]
Davids, Caroline A. F. Rhys: Psalms of the Sisters [1909]
Davids, T. W. Rhys: The Questions of King Milinda, Part I (SBE35) [1890]
Davids, T. W. Rhys: The Questions of King Milinda, Part II (SBE36) [1894]
Davids, T.W. Rhys: Dialogues of the Buddha [1899]
Davids, T.W. Rhys: Buddhist Suttas (SBE11) [1881]
Davids, T.W. Rhys; Herman Oldenberg: Vinaya Texts (Part I) (SBE13) [1881]
Davids, T.W. Rhys; Herman Oldenberg: Vinaya Texts (Part II) (SBE17) [1882]
Davids, T.W. Rhys; Herman Oldenberg: Vinaya Texts (Part III) (SBE20) [1885]
Dawson, Miles Menander: The Ethics of Confucius [1915]
Dayrell, Elphinstone; Andrew Lang: Folk Stories from Southern Nigeria [1910]
De Boer, T. J.: The History of Philosophy in Islam [1903]
Deane, John Bathurst: Worship of the Serpent [1833]
Deane, Sidney Norton; St. Anselm: Works of St. Anselm [1903]
Delitzsch, Franz; Carl Friedrich Keil: Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament [1857-78]
Dennett, R. E.: Notes on the Folklore of the Fjort [1898]
Dennett, R. E.: At the Back of the Black Man's Mind [1906]
Dennis, James Teackle: The Burden of Isis [1910]
Descartes, Rene: Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting the Reason, and Seeking Truth in the Sciences [1847-50]
Descartes, Rene: Meditations on First Philosophy [1641]
DeTroyes, Chretien; W.W. Comfort: Cliges [1914]
DeTroyes, Chretien; W.W. Comfort: Erec et Enide [1914]
DeTroyes, Chretien; Sebastian Evans: The High History of the Holy Graal [1898]
Dharmaraksha; Asvaghosha Bodhisattva; Samuel Beal: The Fo-Sho-Hing-Tsan-King (SBE19) [1883]
Dickens, Charles: A Christmas Carol [1843]
Diodati, Giovanni: Italian Bible [1649]
Dionysius; Lactantius; Venantius; Asterius; Victorinus: Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol. VII [1847-50]
Dixon, Roland B.: Achomawi and Atsugewi Tales and Achomawi Myths [1908]
Dixon, Roland B.: Maidu Texts [1912]
Dixon, Roland B.: Oceanic Mythology [1916]
Dobbs, Bob: The SubGenius Manifesto [1847-50]
Dobie, J. Frank: Coffee in the Gourd [1923]
Dole, Helen B.; Rudolph Baumbach: Summer Legends [1888]
Dom, C. A. Wynschenk; Jan van Ruysbroeck; Evelyn Underhill: The Adornment of the Spiritual Marriage [1916]
Donnelly, Ignatius: Atlantis, the Antediluvian World [1882]
Donnelly, Ignatius: Ragnarok: The Age of Fire and Gravel [1883]
Donnelly, Ignatius: Cæsar's Column [1890]
Douglas, Sir George: Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales [1773]
Dowling, Levi H.: The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ [1920]
Doyle, Arthur Conan: The Coming of the Fairies [1922]
Dresser, Horatio W.; Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: The Quimby Manuscripts [1921]
Dryden, John; Sir Samuel Garth; Alexander Pope; Joseph Addison; William Congreve; Ovid; Publius Ovidius Naso: The Metamorphoses [1717]
Dryden, John; Virgil: The Aeneid of Virgil [1697]
Du Bois, Constance Goddard: The Story of the Chaup; A Myth of the Diegueños [1904]
Du Bois, Constance Goddard: Ceremonies and Traditions of the Diegueño Indians [1908]
Du Bois, Constance Goddard: Mythology of the Mission Indians [1904]
Du Bois, Constance Goddard: The Mythology of the Diegueños [1901]
Du Bois, Constance Goddard: The Religion of the Luiseño Indians of Southern California [1908]
Du Bois, W.E.B.: The Negro [1915]
Dudgeon, John: Kung-Fu, or Tauist Medical Gymnastics [1895]
Duncan, Malcolm C.: Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor [1866]
Dunn, J. Allan: The Treasure of Atlantis [1916]
Dunsany, Edward Plunkett, Lord: A Dreamer's Tales [1910]
Dunsany, Edward Plunkett, Lord: Don Rodriguez [1922]
Dunsany, Edward Plunkett, Lord: Fifty-One Tales [1915]
Dunsany, Edward Plunkett, Lord: The Gods of Pegana [1905]
Dunsany, Edward Plunkett, Lord: Plays of Gods and Men [1917]
Dunsany, Edward Plunkett, Lord: Selections from the Writings of Lord Dunsany [1912]
Dunsany, Edward Plunkett, Lord: The Sword of Welleran and Other Stories [1908]
Dunsany, Edward Plunkett, Lord: Time and the Gods [1906]
Dunsany, Edward Plunkett, Lord: Tales of Wonder [1916]
Dunsany, Edward Plunkett, Lord: The Book of Wonder [1912]
Dutt, R.: The Ramayana and Mahabharata [1899]
Dyck, Cornelius Van Allen Van; Eli Smith: Arabic Bible [1865]
Dyer, T.F. Thiselton: Folk-lore of Shakespeare [1883]

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