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The Zend Avesta, Part II

Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 23

translated by James Darmesteter


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This is part II of the Sacred Books of the East Zend Avesta translation. This portion of the Avesta is of great interest to the study of comparative mythology. Many of these are of also of outstanding literary value. Many of the texts in this part were originally hymns to very ancient gods and goddesses, such as Mithra, Anahita, as well as celestial bodies such as the sun, moon and the star Sirius, Tishtrya. These deities were retained in Zoroastrian mythology as demigods, somewhat like the Aeons of the Gnostics. There are also a number of texts which enumerate a huge body of legendary personages, some of whom also appear in the Shah Nama, the Persian national epic. Yast XII is a moving poetic description of the Zoroastrian after-death experience.

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Preliminary Observations to the Yasts and Sîrôzahs
Sîrôzah I
Sîrôzah II


I. Ormazd Yast
II. Haptân Yast
III. Ardibehist Yast
IV. Khordâd Yast
V. Âbân Yast
VI. Khôrshêd Yast
VII. Mâh Yast
VIII. Tîr Yast
IX. Gôs Yast
X. Mihir Yast
XI. Srôsh Yast Hâdhôkht
XII. Rashn Yast
XIII. Farvardîn Yast
XIV. Bahrâm Yast
XV. Râm Yast
XVI. Dîn Yast
XVII. Ashi Yast
XVIII. Âstâd Yast
XIX. Zamyâd Yast
XX. Vanant Yast
XXI. Yast Fragment
XXIII. Âfrîn Paighambar Zartûst
XXIV. Vîstâsp Yast


I. Khôrshêd Nyâyis
II. Mihir Nyâyis
III. Mâh Nyâyis
IV. Âbân Nyâyis
V. Âtas Nyâyis


Index to Volumes IV and XXIII