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The Enchanted Garden, by John William Waterhouse [1916] (Public Domain Image)

Don Rodriguez

by Lord Dunsany


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Title Page
The First Chronicle: How He Met and Said Farewell to Mine Host of the Dragon and Knight
The Second Chronicle: How He Hired a Memorable Servant
The Third Chronicle: How He Came to the House of Wonder
The Fourth Chronicle: How He Came to the Mountains of the Sun
The Fifth Chronicle: How He Rode in the Twilight and Saw Serafina
The Sixth Chronicle: How He Sang to his Mandolin and What Came of His Singing
The Seventh Chronicle: How he Came to Shadow Valley
The Eighth Chronicle: How he Travelled Far
The Ninth Chronicle: How he Won a Castle in Spain
The Tenth Chronicle: How he Came Back to Lowlight
The Eleventh Chronicle: How he Turned to Gardening and his Sword Rested
The Twelfth Chronicle: The Building of Castle Rodriguez and the Ending of These Chronicle