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The Zend Avesta, Part I

Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 4

translated by James Darmesteter


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This is part I of the Sacred Books of the East Zend Avesta translation.

Title Page


Chapter I. The Discovery of the Zend-Avesta
Chapter II. The Interpretation of the Zend-Avesta
Chapter III. The Formation of the Zend-Avesta
Chapter IV. The Origin of the Avesta Religion
Chapter V. The Vendîdâd


Fargard I
Fargard II. Yima (gamshêd)
Fargard III. The Earth
Fargard IV. Contracts and Outrages
Fargard V
Fargard VI
Fargard VII
Fargard VIII
Fargard IX. The nine nights’ Barashnûm
Fargard X
Fargard XI
Fargard XII
Fargard XIII. The Dog
Fargard XIV
Fargard XV
Fargard XVI
Fargard XVII
Fargard XVIII
Fargard XIX
Fargard XX. Thrita, the First Healer
Fargard XXI. Waters and Light
Fargard XXII