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Phineas Parkhust Quimby [19th cent.] (Public Domain Image)
Phineas Parkhust Quimby [19th cent.] (Public Domain Image)

The Quimby Manuscripts

by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

ed. by Horatio W. Dresser


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P. P. Quimby has been called the founder of 'New Thought.' There was controversy as to whether he also originated Christian Science. This set of documents, published in 1921 in response to a campaign to question his early role in Christian Science, shows that Quimby indeed anticipated many of the key ideas of both movements. Dresser, the editor was an early follower of Quimby. He shows that not only did Quimby have contact with Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, he probably also coined the term 'Christian Science.'

Title Page
Publisher's Note
Editor's Preface to the Second Edition
1. Biographical Sketch
2. History of the Manuscripts
3. Quimby's Restoration to Health
4. The Mesmeric Period
5. The Principles Discovered
6. The Intermediate Period
7. Early Writings
8. Contemporary Testimony
9. Letters from Patients
10. Letters to Patients
11. Letters to Patients and Inquirers
12. Mrs. Eddy 1862-1875
13. Questions and Answers
14. Christ or Science
15. The World of the Senses
16. Disease and Healing
17. God and Man
18. Religious Questions
19. Science, Life, Death


List of Articles by Dr. P. P. Quimby
The Quimby-Eddy Controversy


Photographic Reproductions of Manuscripts