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The Quimby Manuscripts, Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, ed. by Horatio W. Dresser [1921], at

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OCT.: What is Disease? Mind is Spiritual Matter; How Does the Mind Produce Disease? Nov.: Mind is not Intelligence; Is Disease a Belief? Dec.: What is Disease? Love, I; Love, II; My Belief; Truth and Error; Two Sciences; Obstacles in Establishing a New Science; A Communication (William).


Jan.: Am I a Spiritualist? Clairvoyance; Your Position in Regard to the World; What is My Theory? How Dr. Quimby Cures; Christ and Truth; Difference between My Belief and Others; True and False Christs; What Lives After Death? Your True Position Towards Truth and Error; My Religion. Feb.: Happiness. March: Letter to Mrs. W. of Wayne; To a Patient Recently Helped; Prayer, I; Prayer, II; How I Hold my Patients; Illustration of How I Cure the Sick; Do Persons Really Believe in What They Think They Do? Jesus and Christ? Wrong Use of Words (Weight). April: Harmony, I; Harmony, II; Differences of Opinion About the Dead; Resurrection; Jesus, The Real Object of His Mission; Another World. May: Controversy About the Dead; Life (Senses); Matter and Life; Breathing, I; Breathing, II; Science; Effect or Religious Opinions on Health; Religion and Science. June: Consumption (Breathing); Odors; What is Religion? July: Love; Science; One Character of God; Taking a Disease (Consumption, Breathing). Aug.: My Use of the Word Mind; The Senses; Science in the Bible; The Parables of Jesus; Why are Females more Sickly than Males? What the Parables Taught; Did St. Paul Teach Another World? What is the Relation of God to Man? Matter is Life; Answer to an Article in the New York Ledger; Revelation; Parable. Sept.: Right and Wrong; Letter to a Young Physician; Letter Regarding a Patient. Oct.: God; Letter to a Gentleman; Letter to a Clergyman; Advertisements (Hair Restorative): Disease (Insanity); Language (Murdering the King's English). Nov.: Mrs. C.; Character; The Natural Man, I; The Natural Man, II; Symptoms of a Patient, I; Symptoms

p. 430

of a Patient, II. Dec.: Substance and Shadow (The Senses).


Jan.: The Senses; Doctor and Patient (Dialogue). Feb.: Mind. March: Death, I; Death, II; Spiritualism; Where do I Differ from a Spiritualist and Others? Dr. Quimby as Reformer: How he Cures; How Dr. Quimby Cures; Spiritualism (Death of the Natural Man); Difference from Spiritualists (Continued); A Prophecy Concerning the Nation, I. April: Man and Society; How Disease is Made; Letter to a Patient; Government; A Prophecy Concerning the Nation, II. May: Letter to a Patient; The Standard of Law; What I call my Cures. June: Opposing Doctors and Priests; What is Disease? (Disease, Love, Courage). July: Mind and Matter. Aug.: What is Disease? How Brought About and Cured? The Christian's God; Language (Parable); What is God? (Six Parts); Is There Another World Beyond This? Origin of Political Parties; Patriotism, I; Patriotism, II; Popular Definition of the Word Mind; Cancer; Proverbs; Vaccination; True Wisdom. Sept.: What is a Clairvoyant Person? Conflicting Elements in Man (To the Sick); Identity of God or Wisdom (Ignorance of Man in Regard to the True God); Man; Life; Exposition of I Corinthians, VIII, 1-3; To the Old Whigs. Oct.: Life and Death; Belief of Man; To those Seeking the Truth; About a Patient (Exposition of Dr. Quimby's Method); Introduction (Dr. Quimby vs. Spiritualism); Introduction (How Dr. Quimby Treats Disease). Nov.: Truth Based on Wisdom (Religion Analyzed); Strength. Dec.: The First Symptoms of Disease: Sickness an Effect of Belief in Disease; Popular Belief of Curing Disease; Where do I differ from Others in Curing? About a Patient.


Jan.: Disease Traced to the Early Ages; How does Dr. Quimby Stand Toward his Patients? Where do I Differ from a Spiritualist? The Natural Man; Death. Feb.: What is a Belief? The Subject of Mind; Disease (Caspar Hauser). Questions and Answers [Chap. XIII]. March: Prayer for the Sick; Two Brothers; Mind: Not Wisdom; My Position as a Man and as a . Doctor; Why do I not Cure All Alike? Christian Explanation of the Bible. April: Religion for the Well and for the Sick; Foundations of Religious Beliefs; True and False Science; Clairvoyance (A Detective in Disease); Do I Know How I Cure? Sight, Substance and Shadow; Does Imagination Cure Disease? Music; The Two Trinities. May: The Two Worlds; Bad Belief Worse than None; What is Spiritualism? What is a Spirit?

p. 431

[paragraph continues] June: Proof that a Person can be in Two Places at the Same Time and be Aware of the Fact; Unconscious Effect of Persons on Each Other. July: What is Human Life? Aug.: The Phenomena of Spiritualism; What is Man? Sept.: Spiritual Communication between the Living and the Dead; Are We Governed by our Belief? Curing Children and Fools through the Mind; Conversation with Patients; Communications from the Dead (Physical Demonstrations); Outlines of My Theory; The White Man and the Negro Race; Science: Error; Opinions: Wisdom; Spiritualism and Mesmerism (To the Editor); Difference on Philosophy of Mind. Oct.: Experience of a Patient with Dr. Quimby; Works: the Fruit of our Belief; Is there any Curative Quality in Medicine? The Religion of Jesus: A Belief or a Truth? The Relation of this Truth to the Sick; Introduction (Words); Concerning the Dying; Life: Its Application. Nov.: Happiness and Misery; Mind; Resurrection; My Ignorance of the English Language; Difficulty in Introducing My Ideas to the World. Dec.: Language: Its Application; Do Words Contain Wisdom? Man Outside of His Body; The Language of Truth; What has my Writing and Talking to do with Curing? What calls out my Arguments?


Jan.-May: The Body of Jesus and The Body of Christ: The Kingdom of Heaven; My Conversion to Health; The Issue of the Rebellion; The Poor vs. the Rich; Assassination of Lincoln; The Explanation, I; The Explanation, II; Defence Against an Accusation of Putting down Religion; What is Death? Disease and Sickness; Man a Progressive Organization (Elements of Progress); My Mode of Treating Disease; Mind; Nothing, Something; Words; The Definition of Words; Introduction; Marriage; Misery; President Lincoln's Death; Aristocracy and Democracy; (Christian Science); Lecturers (Their Atmosphere); Dialogue on Immortality; New England; Revolutions and Rebellions; Concerning the Use of Medicine; Nations and Individuals; On the Draft; The Scientific Man; Introduction (Mesmerism and Spiritualism); Supplement to an Article (Two Patients); To the Reader; Disease: An Example; The Honeymoon; Spirits: Substance and Shadow; Illustrations of Immortality, (A View). Sept.: Every Person a Book. Nov.: Defence Against an Accusation of Making Myself Equal with Christ. Dec.: Circulation of the Blood; Illustration of the Above; Method of Treatment for a Child.


February-June: Ignorance: The Obstacle in Establishing a New Science; The Power of Mind; Imagination, I; Imagination,

p. 432

[paragraph continues] II; Had Jesus a Belief? Objects and Shadows; Spiritualism and Mesmerism; Difference between My Belief and that of Others; Copperheads Caught in Their Own Trap; Truth: Error; Senses; Words, Truth: Its Application; Unconscious Effect of Persons on Each Other (The Effect of Mind on Mind); The Power of Lies; Man's Identities; Truth (How Determined); Disease; Its Causes; The Cause of Man's Troubles; Disease: An Example; Language, I; Language, II; Language, III; Curing Without Medicine; The Higher Intelligence; The Effect of Disbelief in Another World; My Experience in Mesmerism; Is Man's Strength in his Legs? July-Sept.: Understanding My Theory is the Cure of Disease: Death: A Scene; Disease: White Swelling; Does Man Separate Body and Soul in Reasoning? Conservatism; Death; How Can a Person Learn to Cure the Sick? Illustrations of What I Claim to have Discovered; Disease and Sickness Its Causes; Mind: Not Wisdom; Misery (We Never See That which We Are Afraid Of); Had Jesus a Belief? Nothing Produces Nothing; Man's Senses; Cures Made outside of the Medical Faculty.


Experiments in Detaching the Soul from the Body; The Immortality of the Soul; Happiness; Concerning Happiness; Why do I Talk about Religion? Ignorance and Wisdom; How the Senses are Deceived (The Senses Compared to a Virgin); Why I am Misrepresented; My System of Reasoning; Preaching; The Reception of this Great Truth; What I Impart to My Patients; False Reports Concerning My Religious Belief; Spiritualism; The Two Principles Acting in Man; Introduction (The Science of Happiness); Right and Wrong; The Evidence of Sight (Dr. Quimby's last article, July 15, 1865).

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