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Chretien DeTroyes
Fl. 12th Century A.D.

Online Medieval and Classical Library Release #22

Originally written in Old French, sometime in the second half of the 12th Century A.D., by the court poet Chretien DeTroyes. Translation by W.W. Comfort, 1914.

The text of this edition is based on that published as CHRETIEN DETROYES: ARTHURIAN ROMANCES, (Trans: W.W. Comfort; Everyman's Library, London, 1914). This text is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN in the United States.

This electronic edition was edited, proofed, and prepared by Douglas B. Killings.

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Part I: Vv. 1 - Vv. 2278
Part II: Vv. 2279 - Vv. 4574
Part III: Vv. 4575 - Vv. 6784