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by George W. Dasent


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Title Page
The Orkneyingers’ Saga
The Story of Earl Magnus
The Story of Earl Rognvald

Addenda to the Orkneyingers' Saga

I. From The Flatey Book
II. The Burning of Bishop Adam. From the Flatey Book
III. The Lost Inga Saga, Also Called the Croziermens' Saga
Magnus' Saga the Longer
The Short Magnus Saga
I. Legenda De Sancto Magno: De Sancto Magno Martyre Glorioso
II. Horæ In Festo Magni Comitis Martyris
III. Horae In Festo Translationis Sancti Magni
IV. Ad Missam. In Festo (1) Magni Martyris
V. Ad Missam. In Festo Translationis Magni Martyris
VI. Ad Missam. In Festo Translationis Magni Ducis Martyris


Appendix A. How Norway Was Inhabited
The Foreign Voyage Of Erling Wry-Neck
King Eystein's Western Voyage
Appendix B. Extracts from the Njal's Saga. Earl Sigurd and Brian's Battle
Brian's Battle
Appendix C. Brian's Battle from the Saga of Thorstein Hall of the Sides' Son
Appendix D. Helgi and Wolf (from the Flatey Book)
Appendix E. The Story of Heming
Appendix F. The Saga of Edward the Confessor