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A Kiss, by Lawrence Alma-Tadema [1891] (Public Domain Image)
A Kiss, by Lawrence Alma-Tadema [1891] (Public Domain Image)

Atlantis, the Antediluvian World

by Ignatius Donnelly


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Ignatius Donnelly (1831-1901), lawyer, land promoter, politician and virtuoso author, is today best known for his pioneering work on the subject of Atlantis, "Atlantis the Antediluvian World" (ATAW). Published in 1882, ATAW is one of the best constructed Atlantis theories, as it makes no recourse to occult or 'channeled' information. Donnelly's lucid style and command of the facts (such as they were) make the book readable and compelling even today....--JBH

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Introduction by J.B. Hare
Additional Information About Donnelly by Norm Wolcott

Title Page

Part I

Chapter I: The Purpose of the Book.
Chapter II: Plato's History of Atlantis.
Chapter III: The Probabilities of Plato's Story.
Chapter IV: Was Such a Catastrophe Possible?
Chapter V: The Testimony of the Sea.
Chapter VI: The Testimony of the Flora and Fauna.

Part II

Chapter I: The Destruction of Atlantis Described in the Deluge Legends.
Chapter II: The Deluge of the Bible
Chapter III: The Deluge of the Chaldeans.
Chapter IV: The Deluge Legends of Other Nations.
Chapter V: The Deluge Legends of America.
Chapter VI: Some Consideration of the Deluge Legends.

Part III

Chapter I: Civilization an Inheritance.
Chapter II: The Identity of the Civilizations of the Old World and the New
Chapter III: American Evidences of Intercourse with Europe or Atlantis.
Chapter IV: Corroborating Circumstances.
Chapter V: The Question of Complexion.
Chapter VI: Genesis Contains a History of Atlantis
Chapter VII: The Origin of Our Alphabet
Chapter VIII: The Bronze Age in Europe.
Chapter IX: Artificial Deformation of the Skull.

Part IV

Chapter I: Traditions of Atlantis.
Chapter II: The Kings of Atlantis Become the Gods of the Greeks.
Chapter III: The Gods of the Phoenicians Also Kings of Atlantis.
Chapter IV: The God Odin, Woden, or Wotan.
Chapter V: The Pyramid, The Cross, and The Garden of Eden.
Chapter VI: Gold and Silver the Sacred Metals of Atlantis.

Part V

Chapter I: The Central American and Mexican Colonies.
Chapter II: The Egyptian Colony.
Chapter III: The Colonies of the Mississippi Valley
Chapter IV: The Iberian Colonies of Atlantis
Chapter V: The Peruvian Colony.
Chapter VI: The African Colonies.
Chapter VII: The Irish Colonies From Atlantis.
Chapter VIII: The Oldest Son of Noah.
Chapter IX: The Antiquity of Some of Our Great Inventions.
Chapter X: The Aryan Colonies From Atlantis.
Chapter XI: Atlantis Reconstructed.