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p. i1


Ah! why does love distract my thoughts, 14.

Ai-mile no, 43.

Akenureba, 52.

Aki kaze ni, 79.

Aki no ta no, 1.

Alas I the blush upon my cheek, 40.

All red with leaves Tatsuta's stream, 17.

All through the long and dreary night, 53.

All through the never-ending night, 85.

Although I know the gentle night, 52.

Ama no bara, 7.

Amatsu kaze, 12.

Arashi fuku, 69.

Arazaramu, 56.

Ariake no, 30.

Arima yama, 58.

Around Mount Miyoshino's crest, 94.

Asaborake, 31, 64.

Asajū no, 39.

As fickle as the mountain gusts, 58.

Ashibiki no, 3.

Au koto no, 44.

Awaji shima, 78.

Aware to mo, 45.

p. i2

Be not displeased, but pardon me, 65.

Between Awaji and the shore, 78.


Chigiriki na, 42.

Chigiri okishi, 75

Chi haya furu, 17.


Death had no terrors, Life no joys, 50.


From pain and sorrow all around, 83.

Fuku kara ni, 22.

Gone are my old familiar friends, 34.


Hana no iro wa, 9.

Hana sasou, 96.

Haru no yo no, 67

Haru sugite, 2.

Hisakata no, 33

Hito mo oshi, 99.

Hito wa iza, 35.

Hototogisu, 81.

How desolate my former life, 43.

How difficult it is for men, 54.

How I regret my fallen friends, 99.

How sad and gloomy is the world, 82.

I bring no prayers on coloured silk, 24.

I dare not hope my lady-love, 45,

If breezes on Inaba's peak, 16.

p. i3

If I had made thy proffered arm, 67.

If in this troubled world of ours, 68.

If we could meet in privacy, 63

I hate the cold unfriendly moon, 30.

I hear the stag's pathetic call, 5.

I hear thou art as modest as, 25.

I love to watch the fishing-boats, 93

Ima kon to, 21.

Ima wa tada, 63.

I'm sleeping all alone, and hear, 91.

Inishie no, 61.

In lonely solitude I dwell, 66.

I started off along the shore, 4

It is a promise unfulfilled, 75

It was a white chrysanthemum, 29.

I've seen thee but a few short hours, 88.

I wandered forth this moonlight night, 57.


Kaku to dani, 51.

Kasasagi no, 6.

Kaze soyogu, 98.

Kaze wo itami, 48.

Kimi ga tame, 15, 50.

Kirigirisu, 91.

Koi su tefu, 41.

Kokoro-ate ni, 29.

Kokoro ni mo, 68.

Kono tabi wa, 24.

Konu hito wo, 97.

Kore ya kono, 10.

p. i4

Long is the mountain pheasant's tail; 3.


Meguri-aite, 57.

Michinoku no, 14.

Mikaki mori, 49

Mika no hara, 27.

Misebayana, 90.

Miyoshino no, 94.

Momoshiki ya, 100.

Morotomo ni, 66.

Mother, for thy sake I have been, 15.

Murasame no, 87.

My ancient Palace I regret, 100.

My broken heart I don't lament, 38.

My constancy to her I love, 49

My doubt about his constancy, 80.

My home is near the Capital, 8.

My life is drawing to a close, 56.

My little temple stands alone, 47,

My sleeve is wet with floods of tears, 92.


Nagakaran, 80.

Nagaraeba, 84.

Nageke tote, 86.

Nageki-tsutsu, 53

Na ni shi owaba, 25.

Naniwa e no, 88.

Naniwa gata, 19.

Natsu no yo wa, 36.

p. i5

O’ercome with pity for this world, 86.

Ogura yama, 26.

Oh! Fishers in your little boats, 11.

Oh! Kwannon, Patron of this hill, 74.

Oh! rippling River Izumi, 27.

Ohoye yama, 60.

Oh stormy winds, bring up the cloud*, 12.

Ōkenaku, 95.

Oku yama ni, 5.

Omoi-wabi, 82.

Oto ni kiku, 72.

Our courtship, that we tried to hide, 41.

Our sleeves, all wet with tears, attest, 42.

Out in the fields this autumn day, 1.

Sabishisa ni, 70.

See, how the wind of autumn drives, 79.

Se wo hayami, 77.

Shinoburedo, 40.

Shira tsuyu ni, 37.

Short as the joints of bamboo reeds, 19.

So long and dreary is the road, 60.

So thickly lies the morning mist, 64.

Surely the morning moon, I thought, 31.

Sumi-no-ye no, 18.


Tachi wakare, 16

Tago no ura ni, 4.

Takasago no, 73.

Taki no oto wa, 55.

p. i6

Tama no o yo, 89.

Tare wo ka mo, 34

The ailments of advancing years, 89.

The blossom's tint is washed away, 9.

The cherry trees are blossoming, 73

The cuckoo's echo dies away, 81.

The double cherry trees, which grew, 61.

The fisher's clothes, though cheap, withstand, go.

The fishing-boats are tossed about, 46.

The maples of Mount Ogura, 26.

The Mina stream comes tumbling down, 13

The moon that shone the whole night through, 21.

The mountain village solitude, 28.

The mountain wind in autumn time, 22.

The prospect from my cottage shows, 70

The rain, which fell from passing showers, 87.

The rock divides the stream in two, 77.

The sound of ripples on the shore, 72.

The spring has come, and once again, 33

The spring has gone, the summer's come, 2.

The storms, which round Mount Mimuro, 69.

The stormy winds of yesterday, 32

The stranger who has travelled far, 10.

The twilight dim, the gentle breeze, 98.

The village of my youth is gone, 35

The waves that dash against the rocks, 48.

This autumn night the wind blows shrill, 71.

This lovely morn the dewdrops flash, 37,

This night the cheerless autumn moon, 73.

This snow is not from blossoms white, 96.

p. i7

This waterfall's melodious voice, 55.

Though love, like blisters made from leaves, 51.

Time was when I despised my youth, 84.

'Tis easier to hide the reeds, 39.

To fall in love with womankind, 44.

To-night on Sumi-no-ye beach, 18

Too long to-night you've lingered here, 62z.

Too short the lovely summer night, 36.

Tsuki mireba, 23.

Tsukuba ne no, 13.


Ukari keru, 74.

Unfit to rule this wicked world, 95.

Upon the shore of Matsu-hō, 97.

Urami wabi, 65.


Wabi nureba, 20.

Wada no bara, 11, 76.

Waga iho wa, 8.

Waga sode wa, 92.

Waiting and hoping for thy step, 59.

Wasuraruru, 38.

Wasureji no, 54.

We met but for a moment, and, 20.

When on the Magpies' Bridge I see, 6.

When rowing on the open sea, 76.

While gazing up into the sky, 7.


Yaemugura, 47.

Yama gawa ni, 32.

p. i8

Yama zato wa, 28.

Yasurawade, 59.

Yomosugara, 85.

Yo no naka wa, 93.

Yo no naka yo, 83

Yo wo komete, 62.

Yura no to wo, 46.

Yūsareba, 71.