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A Hundred Verses from Old Japan (The Hyakunin-isshu), tr. by William N. Porter, [1909], at

p. 59



Nenamaji mono wo
Katabuku made no
Tsuki wo mishi kana.

WAITING and hoping for thy step,
  Sleepless in bed I lie,
All through the night, until the moon,
  Leaving her post on high,
  Slips sideways down the sky.

This writer is again a lady; she is said to have addressed the verse to Michinaga Fujiwara, who held the office of Regent under the Emperor Ichijō (A.D. 987-1011) and his two successors. Regent here must be understood not exactly as a temporary or vice Emperor, but rather as the Emperor's confidential adviser, and the official through whom all communications were made. Notice the moon in the illustration just disappearing behind the hill.

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