Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK IV

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BOOK IV CHAPTER I How Merlin was assotted and doted on one of the ladies of the lake, and how he was shut in a rock under a stone and there died.
BOOK IV CHAPTER II How five kings came into this land to war against King Arthur, and what counsel Arthur had against them.
BOOK IV CHAPTER III How King Arthur had ado with them and overthrew them, and slew the five kings and made the remnant to flee.
BOOK IV CHAPTER IV How the battle was finished or he came, and how King Arthur founded an abbey where the battle was.
BOOK IV CHAPTER V How Sir Tor was made knight of the Round Table, and how Bagdemagus was displeased.
BOOK IV CHAPTER VI How King Arthur, King Uriens, and Sir Accolon of Gaul, chased an hart, and of their marvellous adventures.
BOOK IV CHAPTER VII How Arthur took upon him to fight to be delivered out of prison, and also for to deliver twenty knights that were in prison.
BOOK IV CHAPTER VIII How Accolon found himself by a well, and he took upon him to do battle against Arthur.
BOOK IV CHAPTER IX Of the battle between King Arthur and Accolon.
BOOK IV CHAPTER X How King Arthur's sword that he fought with brake, and how he recovered of Accolon his own sword Excalibur, and overcame his enemy.
BOOK IV CHAPTER XI How Accolon confessed the treason of Morgan le Fay, King Arthur's sister, and how she would have done slay him.
BOOK IV CHAPTER XII How Arthur accorded the two brethren, and delivered the twenty knights, and how Sir Accolon died.
BOOK IV CHAPTER XIII How Morgan would have slain Sir Uriens her husband, and how Sir Uwaine her son saved him.
BOOK IV CHAPTER XIV How Queen Morgan le Fay made great sorrow for the death of Accolon, and how she stole away the scabbard from Arthur.
BOOK IV CHAPTER XV How Morgan le Fay saved a knight that should have been drowned, and how King Arthur returned home again.
BOOK IV CHAPTER XVI How the Damosel of the Lake saved King Arthur from mantle that should have burnt him.
BOOK IV CHAPTER XVII How Sir Gawaine and Sir Uwaine met with twelve fair damosels, and how they complained on Sir Marhaus.
BOOK IV CHAPTER XVIII How Sir Marhaus jousted with Sir Gawaine and Sir Uwaine, and overthrew them both.
BOOK IV CHAPTER XIX How Sir Marhaus, Sir Gawaine, and Sir Uwaine met three damosels, and each of them took one.
BOOK IV CHAPTER XX How a knight and a dwarf strove for a lady.
BOOK IV CHAPTER XXI How King Pelleas suffered himself to be taken prisoner because he would have a sight of his lady, and how Sir Gawaine promised him to get to him the love of his lady.
BOOK IV CHAPTER XXII How Sir Gawaine came to the Lady Ettard, and how Sir Pelleas found them sleeping.
BOOK IV CHAPTER XXIII How Sir Pelleas loved no more Ettard by means of the Damosel of the Lake, whom he loved ever after.
BOOK IV CHAPTER XXIV How Sir Marhaus rode with the damosel, and how he came to the Duke of the South Marches.
BOOK IV CHAPTER XXV How Sir Marhaus fought with the duke and his four sons and made them to yield them.
BOOK IV CHAPTER XXVI How Sir Uwaine rode with the damosel of sixty year of age, and how he gat the prize at tourneying.
BOOK IV CHAPTER XXVII How Sir Uwaine fought with two knights and overcame them.
BOOK IV CHAPTER XXVIII How at the year's end all three knights with their three damosels met at the fountain.