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How Sir Pelleas loved no more Ettard by means of the
Damosel of the Lake, whom he loved ever after.

SIR KNIGHT PELLEAS, said the Damosel of the Lake, take your horse
and come forth with me out of this country, and ye shall love a
lady that shall love you.  I will well, said Sir Pelleas, for
this Lady Ettard hath done me great despite and shame, and there
he told her the beginning and ending, and how he had purposed
never to have arisen till that he had been dead.  And now such
grace God hath sent me, that I hate her as much as ever I loved
her, thanked be our Lord Jesus!  Thank me, said the Damosel of
the Lake.  Anon Sir Pelleas armed him, and took his horse, and
commanded his men to bring after his pavilions and his stuff
where the Damosel of the Lake would assign.  So the Lady Ettard
died for sorrow, and the Damosel of the Lake rejoiced Sir
Pelleas, and loved together during their life days.