Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK V

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BOOK V CHAPTER I How twelve aged ambassadors of Rome came to King Arthur to demand truage for Britain.
BOOK V CHAPTER II How the kings and lords promised to King Arthur aid and help against the Romans.
BOOK V CHAPTER III How King Arthur held a parliament at York, and how he ordained the realm should be governed in his absence.
BOOK V CHAPTER IV How King Arthur being shipped and lying in his cabin had a marvellous dream and of the exposition thereof.
BOOK V CHAPTER V How a man of the country told to him of a marvellous giant, and how he fought and conquered him.
BOOK V CHAPTER VI How King Arthur sent Sir Gawaine and other to Lucius, and how they were assailed and escaped with worship.
BOOK V CHAPTER VII How Lucius sent certain spies in a bushment for to have taken his knights being prisoners, and how they were letted.
BOOK V CHAPTER VIII How a senator told to Lucius of their discomfiture, and also of the great battle between Arthur and Lucius.
BOOK V CHAPTER IX How Arthur, after he had achieved the battle against the Romans, entered into Almaine, and so into Italy.
BOOK V CHAPTER X Of a battle done by Sir Gawaine against a Saracen, which after was yielden and became Christian.
BOOK V CHAPTER XI How the Saracens came out of a wood for to rescue their beasts, and of a great battle.
BOOK V CHAPTER XII How Sir Gawaine returned to King Arthur with his prisoners, and how the King won a city, and how he was crowned Emperor.