Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK VI

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BOOK VI CHAPTER I How Sir Launcelot and Sir Lionel departed from the court, and how Sir Lionel left him sleeping and was taken.
BOOK VI CHAPTER II How Sir Ector followed for to seek Sir Launcelot, and how he was taken by Sir Turquine.
BOOK VI CHAPTER III How four queens found Launcelot sleeping, and how by enchantment he was taken and led into a castle.
BOOK VI CHAPTER IV How Sir Launcelot was delivered by the mean of a damosel.
BOOK VI CHAPTER V How a knight found Sir Launcelot lying in his leman's bed, and how Sir Launcelot fought with the knight.
BOOK VI CHAPTER VI How Sir Launcelot was received of King Bagdemagus' daughter, and how he made his complaint to her father.
BOOK VI CHAPTER VII How Sir Launcelot behaved him in a tournament, and how he met with Sir Turquine leading Sir Gaheris.
BOOK VI CHAPTER VIII How Sir Launcelot and Sir Turquine fought together.
BOOK VI CHAPTER IX How Sir Turquine was slain, and how Sir Launcelot bade Sir Gaheris deliver all the prisoners.
BOOK VI CHAPTER X How Sir Launcelot rode with a damosel and slew a knight that distressed all ladies and also a villain that kept a bridge.
BOOK VI CHAPTER XI How Sir Launcelot slew two giants, and made a castle free.
BOOK VI CHAPTER XII How Sir Launcelot rode disguised in Sir Kay's harness, and how he smote down a knight.
BOOK VI CHAPTER XIII How Sir Launcelot jousted against four knights of the Round Table and overthrew them.
BOOK VI CHAPTER XIV How Sir Launcelot followed a brachet into a castle, where he found a dead knight, and how he after was required of a damosel to heal her brother.
BOOK VI CHAPTER XV How Sir Launcelot came into the Chapel Perilous and gat there of a dead corpse a piece of the cloth and a sword.
BOOK VI CHAPTER XVI How Sir Launcelot at the request of a lady recovered a falcon, by which he was deceived.
BOOK VI CHAPTER XVII How Sir Launcelot overtook a knight which chased his wife to have slain her, and how he said to him.
BOOK VI CHAPTER XVIII How Sir Launcelot came to King Arthur's Court, and how there were recounted all his noble feats and acts.