Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK VI CHAPTER VI

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How Sir Launcelot was received of King Bagdemagus'
daughter, and how he made his complaint to her father.

AND soon as Sir Launcelot came within the abbey yard, the
daughter of King Bagdemagus heard a great horse go on the
pavement.  And she then arose and yede unto a window, and there
she saw Sir Launcelot, and anon she made men fast to take his
horse from him and let lead him into a stable, and himself was
led into a fair chamber, and unarmed him, and the lady sent him a
long gown, and anon she came herself.  And then she made
Launcelot passing good cheer, and she said he was the knight in
the world was most welcome to her.  Then in all haste she sent
for her father Bagdemagus that was within twelve mile of that
Abbey, and afore even he came, with a fair fellowship of knights
with him.  And when the king was alighted off his horse he yode
straight unto Sir Launcelot's chamber and there he found his
daughter, and then the king embraced Sir Launcelot in his arms,
and either made other good cheer.

Anon Sir Launcelot made his complaint unto the king how he was
betrayed, and how his brother Sir Lionel was departed from him he
wist not where, and how his daughter had delivered him out of
prison; Therefore while I live I shall do her service and all her
kindred.  Then am I sure of your help, said the king, on Tuesday
next coming.  Yea, sir, said Sir Launcelot, I shall not fail you,
for so I have promised my lady your daughter.  But, sir, what
knights be they of my lord Arthur's that were with the King of
Northgalis?  And the king said it was Sir Mador de la Porte, and
Sir Mordred and Sir Gahalantine that all for-fared my knights,
for against them three I nor my knights might bear no strength. 
Sir, said Sir Launcelot, as I hear say that the tournament shall
be here <184>within this three mile of this abbey, ye shall send
unto me three knights of yours, such as ye trust, and look that
the three knights have all white shields, and I also, and no
painture on the shields, and we four will come out of a little
wood in midst of both parties, and we shall fall in the front of
our enemies and grieve them that we may; and thus shall I not be
known what knight I am.

So they took their rest that night, and this was on the Sunday,
and so the king departed, and sent unto Sir Launcelot three
knights with the four white shields.  And on the Tuesday they
lodged them in a little leaved wood beside there the tournament
should be.  And there were scaffolds and holes that lords and
ladies might behold and to give the prize.  Then came into the
field the King of Northgalis with eight score helms.  And then
the three knights of Arthur's stood by themselves.  Then came
into the field King Bagdemagus with four score of helms.  And
then they feutred their spears, and came together with a great
dash, and there were slain of knights at the first recounter
twelve of King Bagdemagus' party, and six of the King of
Northgalis' party, and King Bagdemagus' party was far set aback.