Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK VII

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BOOK VII CHAPTER I How Beaumains came to King Arthur's Court and demanded three petitions of King Arthur.
BOOK VII CHAPTER II How Sir Launcelot and Sir Gawaine were wroth because Sir Kay mocked Beaumains, and of a damosel which desired a knight to fight for a lady.
BOOK VII CHAPTER III How Beaumains desired the battle, and how it was granted to him, and how he desired to be made knight of Sir Launcelot.
BOOK VII CHAPTER IV How Beaumains departed, and how he gat of Sir Kay a spear and a shield, and how he jousted with Sir Launcelot.
BOOK VII CHAPTER V How Beaumains told to Sir Launcelot his name, and how he was dubbed knight of Sir Launcelot, and after overtook the damosel.
BOOK VII CHAPTER VI How Beaumains fought and slew two knights at a passage.
BOOK VII CHAPTER VII How Beaumains fought with the Knight of the Black Launds, and fought with him till he fell down and died.
BOOK VII CHAPTER VIII How the brother of the knight that was slain met with Beaumains, and fought with Beaumains till he was yielden.
BOOK VII CHAPTER IX How the damosel again rebuked Beaumains, and would not suffer him to sit at her table, but called him kitchen boy.
BOOK VII CHAPTER X How the third brother, called the Red Knight, jousted and fought against Beaumains,and how Beaumains overcame him.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XI How Sir Beaumains suffered great rebukes of the damosel, and he suffered it patiently.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XII How Beaumains fought with Sir Persant of Inde, and made him to be yielden.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XIII Of the goodly communication between Sir Persant and Beaumains, and how he told him that his name was Sir Gareth.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XIV How the lady that was besieged had word from her sister how she had brought a knight to fight for her, and what battles he had achieved.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XV How the damosel and Beaumains came to the siege; and came to a sycamore tree, and there Beaumains blew a horn, and then the Knight of the Red Launds came to fight with him.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XVI How the two knights met together, and of their talking, and how they began their battle.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XVII How after long fighting Beaumains overcame the knight and would have slain him, but at the request of the lords he saved his life, and made him to yield him to the lady.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XVIII How the knight yielded him, and how Beaumains made him to go unto King Arthur's court, and to cry Sir Launcelot mercy.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XIX How Beaumains came to the lady, and when he came to the castle the gates were closed against him, and of the words that the lady said to him.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XX How Sir Beaumains rode after to rescue his dwarf, and came into the castle where he was.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XXI How Sir Gareth, otherwise called Beaumains, came to the presence of his lady, and how they took acquaintance, and of their love.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XXII How at night came an armed knight, and fought with Sir Gareth, and he, sore hurt in the thigh, smote off the knight's head.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XXIII How the said knight came again the next night and was beheaded again, and how at the feast of Pentecost all the knights that Sir Gareth had overcome came and yielded them to King Arthur.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XXIV How King Arthur pardoned them, and demanded of them where Sir Gareth was.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XXV How the Queen of Orkney came to this feast of Pentecost, and Sir Gawaine and his brethren came to ask her blessing.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XXVI How King Arthur sent for the Lady Lionesse, and how she let cry a tourney at her castle, whereas came many knights.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XXVII How King Arthur went to the tournament with his knights, and how the lady received him worshipfully, and how the knights encountered.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XXVIII How the knights bare them in the battle.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XXIX Yet of the said tournament.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XXX How Sir Gareth was espied by the heralds, and how he escaped out of the field.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XXXI How Sir Gareth came to a castle where he was well lodged, and he jousted with a knight and slew him.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XXXII How Sir Gareth fought with a knight that held within his castle thirty ladies, and how he slew him.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XXXIII How Sir Gareth and Sir Gawaine fought each against other, and how they knew each other by the damosel Linet.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XXXIV How Sir Gareth acknowledged that they loved each other to King Arthur, and of the appointment of their wedding.
BOOK VII CHAPTER XXXV Of the Great Royalty, and what officers were made at the feast of the wedding, and of the jousts at the feast.