Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK VIII

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BOOK VIII CHAPTER I How Sir Tristram de Liones was born, and how his mother died at his birth, wherefore she named him Tristram.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER II How the stepmother of Sir Tristram had ordained poison for to have poisoned Sir Tristram.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER III How Sir Tristram was sent into France, and had one to govern him named Gouvernail, and how he learned to harp, hawk, and hunt.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER IV How Sir Marhaus came out of Ireland for to ask truage of Cornwall, or else he would fight therefore.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER V How Tristram enterprized the battle to fight for the truage of Cornwall, and how he was made knight.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER VI How Sir Tristram arrived into the Island for to furnish the battle with Sir Marhaus.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER VII How Sir Tristram fought against Sir Marhaus and achieved his battle, and how Sir Marhaus fled to his ship.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER VIII How Sir Marhaus after that he was arrived in Ireland died of the stroke that Sir Tristram had given him, and how Tristram was hurt.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER IX How Sir Tristram was put to the keeping of La Beale Isoud first for to be healed of his wound.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER X How Sir Tristram won the degree at a tournament in Ireland, and there made Palamides to bear no more harness in a year.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XI How the queen espied that Sir Tristram had slain her brother Sir Marhaus by his sword, and in what jeopardy he was.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XII How Sir Tristram departed from the king and La Beale Isoud out of Ireland for to come into Cornwall.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XIII How Sir Tristram and King Mark hurted each other for the love of a knight's wife.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XIV How Sir Tristram lay with the lady, and how her husband fought with Sir Tristram.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XV How Sir Bleoberis demanded the fairest lady in King Mark's court, whom he took away, and how he was fought with.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XVI How Sir Tristram fought with two knights of the Round Table.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XVII How Sir Tristram fought with Sir Bleoberis for a lady, and how the lady was put to choice to whom she would go.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XVIII How the lady forsook Sir Tristram and abode with Sir Bleoberis, and how she desired to go to her husband.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XIX How King Mark sent Sir Tristram for La Beale Isoud toward Ireland, and how by fortune he arrived into England.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XX How King Anguish of Ireland was summoned to come to King Arthur's court for treason.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XXI How Sir Tristram rescued a child from a knight, and how Gouvernail told him of King Anguish.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XXII How Sir Tristram fought for Sir Anguish and overcame his adversary, and how his adversary would never yield him.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XXIII How Sir Blamore desired Tristram to slay him, and how Sir Tristram spared him, and how they took appointment.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XXIV How Sir Tristram demanded La Beale Isoud for King Mark, and how Sir Tristram and Isoud drank the love drink.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XXV How Sir Tristram and Isoud were in prison, and how he fought for her beauty, and smote of another lady's head.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XXVI How Sir Tristram fought with Sir Breunor, and at the last smote off his head.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XXVII How Sir Galahad fought with Sir Tristram, and how Sir Tristram yielded him and promised to fellowship with Launcelot.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XXVIII How Sir Launcelot met with Sir Carados bearing away Sir Gawaine, and of the rescue of Sir Gawaine.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XXIX Of the wedding of King Mark to La Beale Isoud, and of Bragwaine her maid, and of Palamides.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XXX How Palamides demanded Queen Isoud, and how Lambegus rode after to rescue her, and of the escape of Isoud.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XXXI How Sir Tristram rode after Palamides, and how he found him and fought with him, and by the means of Isoud the battle ceased.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XXXII How Sir Tristram brought Queen Isoud home, and of the debate of King Mark and Sir Tristram.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XXXIII How Sir Lamorak jousted with thirty knights, and Sir Tristram at the request of King Mark smote his horse down.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XXXIV How Sir Lamorak sent an horn to King Mark in despite of Sir Tristram, and how Sir Tristram was driven into a chapel.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XXXV How Sir Tristram was holpen by his men, and of Queen Isoud which was put in a lazar-cote, and how Tristram was hurt.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XXXVI How Sir Tristram served in war King Howel of Brittany, and slew his adversary in the field.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XXXVII How Sir Suppinabiles told Sir Tristram how he was defamed in the court of King Arthur, and of Sir Lamorak.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XXXVIII How Sir Tristram and his wife arrived in Wales, and how he met there with Sir Lamorak.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XXXIX How Sir Tristram fought with Sir Nabon, and overcame him, and made Sir Segwarides lord of the isle.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XL How Sir Lamorak departed from Sir Tristram, and how he met with Sir Frol, and after with Sir Launcelot.
BOOK VIII CHAPTER XLI How Sir Lamorak slew Sir Frol, and of the courteous fighting with Sir Belliance his brother.