Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK III

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BOOK III CHAPTER I How King Arthur took a wife, and wedded Guenever, daughter to Leodegrance, King of the Land of Cameliard, with whom he had the Round Table.
BOOK III CHAPTER II How the Knights of the Round Table were ordained and their sieges blessed by the Bishop of Canterbury.
BOOK III CHAPTER III How a poor man riding upon a lean mare desired King Arthur to make his son knight.
BOOK III CHAPTER IV How Sir Tor was known for son of King Pellinore, and how Gawaine was made knight.
BOOK III CHAPTER V How at feast of the wedding of King Arthur to Guenever, a white hart came into the hall, and thirty couple hounds, and how a brachet pinched the hart which was taken away.
BOOK III CHAPTER VI How Sir Gawaine rode for to fetch again the hart, and how two brethren fought each against other for the hart.
BOOK III CHAPTER VII How the hart was chased into a castle and there slain, and how Sir Gawaine slew a lady.
BOOK III CHAPTER VIII How four knights fought against Gawaine and Gaheris, and how they were overcome, and their lives saved at request of four ladies.
BOOK III CHAPTER IX How Sir Tor rode after the knight with the brachet, and of his adventure by the way.
BOOK III CHAPTER X How Sir Tor found the brachet with a lady, and how a knight assailed him for the said brachet.
BOOK III CHAPTER XI How Sir Tor overcame the knight, and how he lost his head at the request of a lady.
BOOK III CHAPTER XII How King Pellinore rode after the lady and the knight that led her away, and how a lady desired help of him, and how he fought with two knights for that lady, of whom he slew the one at the first stroke.
BOOK III CHAPTER XIII How King Pellinore gat the lady and brought her to Camelot to the court of King Arthur.
BOOK III CHAPTER XIV How on the way he heard two knights, as he lay by night in a valley, and of their adventures.
BOOK III CHAPTER XV How when he was come to Camelot he was sworn upon a book to tell the truth of his quest.