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How Morgan would have slain Sir Uriens her husband,
and how Sir Uwaine her son saved him.

THE meanwhile Morgan le Fay had weened King Arthur had been dead. 
So on a day she espied King Uriens lay <122>in his bed sleeping. 
Then she called unto her a maiden of her counsel, and said, Go
fetch me my lord's sword, for I saw never better time to slay him
than now.  O madam, said the damosel, an ye slay my lord ye can
never escape.  Care not you, said Morgan le Fay, for now I see my
time in the which it is best to do it, and therefore hie thee
fast and fetch me the sword.  Then the damosel departed, and
found Sir Uwaine sleeping upon a bed in another chamber, so she
went unto Sir Uwaine, and awaked him, and bade him, Arise, and
wait on my lady your mother, for she will slay the king your
father sleeping in his bed, for I go to fetch his sword.  Well,
said Sir Uwaine, go on your way, and let me deal.  Anon the
damosel brought Morgan the sword with quaking hands, and she
lightly took the sword, and pulled it out, and went boldly unto
the bed's side, and awaited how and where she might slay him
best.  And as she lifted up the sword to smite, Sir Uwaine leapt
unto his mother, and caught her by the hand, and said, Ah, fiend,
what wilt thou do?  An thou wert not my mother, with this sword I
should smite off thy head.  Ah, said Sir Uwaine, men saith that
Merlin was begotten of a devil, but I may say an earthly devil
bare me.  O fair son, Uwaine, have mercy upon me, I was tempted
with a devil, wherefore I cry thee mercy; I will never more do
so; and save my worship and discover me not.  On this covenant,
said Sir Uwaine, I will forgive it you, so ye will never be about
to do such deeds.  Nay, son, said she, and that I make you