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Garden Scene [15th cent.] (Public Domain Image)

Sadi's Scroll of Wisdom

by Arthur N. Wollaston


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The Persian poet Sadi, best known for his poetic collections the Bustan and Gulistan, also wrote this work, the Pand Namah, or Scroll of Wisdom. This is a small collection of poems on moral themes. Translated by Arthur N. Wollaston, this entry in the Wisdom of the East series is one of the best.

Title Page
Editorial Note
Sadi's Scroll of Wisdom
In Praise of Muhammad
Address to the Soul
In Praise of Generosity
Description of Benevolence
In Condemnation of Parsimony
Description of Humility
In Condemnation of Pride
On the Excellence of Learning
As Regards Avoiding the Society of the Ignorant
Description of Justice
In Condemnation of Oppression
Description of Contentment
In Condemnation of Avarice
Description of Obedience and Worship
In Condemnation of Satan
In Explanation of the Wine of Affection and Love
As to the Nature of Fidelity
On the Excellence of Gratitude
In Explanation of Patience
Description of Rectitude
In Condemnation of Lying
On the Vicissitudes of Fortune and Differences of Station
Against Placing Hope in Created Beings