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Sadi's Scroll of Wisdom, by Arthur N. Wollaston, [1906], at

p. 49


O soul! whoever is overpowered by Satan,
Is night and day in the snare of sin.
Whoever hath Satan for his ruler,
How can he return to the way of God?
O soul! beware that thou dost not give way to sin,
That to-morrow thou mayest be free as from fire.
A wise man avoideth offence,
As sugar melteth in water.
A man of good disposition doth not commit sin,
Lest he becometh as the light of the sun concealed by the clouds.
Do not give way to thy lusts,
Lest thou be suddenly snatched to perdition.
If thine heart doth not turn aside from sin,
Amongst the lowest of the low will be thine abode. p. 50
Do not destroy the house of life
With the torrent of bad and improper actions.
If thou keepest away from sin and iniquity,
Thou wilt not be far from the garden of Paradise.

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