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Sadi's Scroll of Wisdom, by Arthur N. Wollaston, [1906], at


O cupbearer! bring wine as it were a garment of fire,
For a man with a soul desires this (religious) intoxication.
The ruby wine in the golden goblet
Is soul-inspiring, as it were a beautiful pearl.
Welcome is the fire of desire to those inspired with love!
Welcome are the delightful pains of the lords of love! p. 51
Bring this wine as it were the water of immortality, 1
For from its fragrance the soul findeth deliverance from grief!
Happy that soul that desires a Friend! 2
Happy that person who is ensnared in the bonds of affection for Him!
Happy that person who is enamoured of the face of the Friend!
Happy that person whose abode is the Nook of the Friend!
A Friend as it were wine like soul-refreshing Peace!
Wine—the purest like a beautiful face!
Happy men of soul who adore wine!
Happy the flavour of wine to men of spirit!


51:1 These stanzas must be construed in a figurative and religious sense.

51:2 That is "God."

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