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Sadi's Scroll of Wisdom, by Arthur N. Wollaston, [1906], at


For this therefore place no reliance upon fortune,
For it will suddenly deprive thy soul of life.
Put no reliance upon a numberless army,
For it may be that thou wilt not be aided by victory.
Put no reliance upon kingdom, position, and rank, p. 61
For they existed before thee, and will remain after thee.
Do not wrong because thou seest wrong on the part of a true friend;
Good fruit doth not grow from bad seed.
Put no reliance on majesty and power,
For suddenly will arrive the command to give up thy soul.
Many are the monarchs of exalted rank;
Many are the warriors who overrun kingdoms;
Many are the fierce warriors who scatter armies;
Many are the lion-like men who smite with the sword;
Many are the moon-faced beauties of graceful figure;
Many are the lovely ones with stature like the sun;
Many are the newly arisen with lovely cheeks; p. 62
Many are the freshly decked brides;
Many are the famous, and many are the fortunate;
Many are they like the cypress in stature, and many are the rosy-cheeked beauties
Who have rent the garment of life,
Who have drawn the head within the wall of the grave.
With such the harvest of their life hath been scattered to the winds,
So that never hath any one a trace of them.
Link not thy soul with this earth and its vain delights,
For misfortune may rain upon it from Heaven.
Set not thine heart upon this material abode,
For thou wilt not find therein delight for thy soul.
Place not thine affections upon this ancient and ruined dwelling
For it will not be void of grief and pain. p. 63
The world hath no permanence, O my son!
Pass not thy life therein in negligence.
Fix not thy heart upon this perishable abode.
From Sadi receive this one piece of advice.

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