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Sadi's Scroll of Wisdom, by Arthur N. Wollaston, [1906], at


Whosoever hath a heart filled with gratitude to God,
It is not becoming that he should tie up the tongue of praise.
Teach thy soul nought but gratitude to God,
For it is necessary to praise the Creator.
Thy wealth and possessions are increased by gratitude;
Victory entereth thy door, owing to gratitude.
Wert thou to show gratitude to God till the day of reckoning,
Thou would’st not discharge a thousandth part (of thy duties).
Yes I it is best to lisp thy gratitude, p. 54
For gratitude to Him is an ornament to Islam.
If thou restrainest not thy tongue from gratitude to God,
Thou wilt attain everlasting felicity.

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