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Sadi's Scroll of Wisdom, by Arthur N. Wollaston, [1906], at


O soul! if thou makest choice of humility,
The people of the world will be thy friends.
Humility will augment thy station,
Just as the moon gets light from the sun.
Humility is the source of intimacy,
For exalted will be the dignity of friendship.
Humility exalteth a man,
Humility is a decoration to men of position.
Every one who is human is humble;
Nought becometh a man save magnanimity. p. 35
The man of wisdom maketh choice of humility;
The bough laden with fruit rests upon the earth.
Humility will increase thy reputation,
It will get thee a place in the glorious Paradise.
Humility is the key of the gate of Heaven;
It is an ornament to position and dignity.
Whoever is accustomed to humility
Will enjoy rank and power.
Whoever is born to command,
It is more than delightful to find in him humility.
Humility will make thee beloved in the world
Thou wilt become dear in men's hearts as their own soul.
Do not withhold humility from mankind,
For thus thou mayest withdraw thy neck (from perplexity) as it were a sword (from the scabbard). p. 36
Humility on the part of the exalted is commendable.
If a beggar be humble, it is his nature.

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