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Sadi's Scroll of Wisdom, by Arthur N. Wollaston, [1906], at


Since God hath given thee all things to thy desire,
Why dost thou not eventually bring forth the fruits of justice?
Since justice is the adornment of royalty,
Why dost thou not fix thine heart upon justice?
Thy kingdom will be established
If justice cometh to thine aid.
Since Nushirwan 1 made choice of justice p. 41
His name is now held in remembrance for his goodness.
Peace befalleth the kingdom from the effects of justice,
Since from justice the kingdom attaineth its wishes.
There is no better architect in the world than justice,
Since nought is more excellent than righteousness.
Make the world populous through justice;
Fill the hearts of mankind with delight through justice.
What will be the end thereof to thee?
Even this, that thou wilt have the name of a righteous monarch.
Dost thou wish a token of good fortune?
Close the door of oppression against mankind;
Withhold not thy favour from thy subjects;
Gratify the desires of those who seek justice.


40:1 A king of Persia, surnamed "the Just," who reigned from A. D. 531 to A. D. 579.

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