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  • What's on the Bible CD-ROM 8.0 (by subject)

    This is an automatically generated list of all full books on the 8.0 DVD-ROM, sorted by category. Each entry is linked to the copy of the file at the site. It does not list some shorter files included on the disk.

    Afrikaans Bible
    Albanian Bible
    American Standard Version
    Amharic Bible (NT)
    Arabic Bible
    Aramaic Bible (NT)
    Basic English Bible
    Basque Bible (NT)
    Bible Maps
    Bible, Greek New Testament
    Bible, The Apocrypha
    Bible, The Septuagint
    Bible, Vulgate
    Bible, the King James Version
    Bible, the Tanakh
    Biblical Antiquities of Philo, The
    Biography of the Bible, The
    Book of Enoch the Prophet, The
    Book of Enoch, The
    Book of Jubilees, The
    Breton Bible (NT Gospels)
    Chamorro Bible (partial)
    Chinese Union Version Bible
    Complete Sayings of Jesus, The
    Coptic Bible (NT)
    Croatian Bible
    Danish Bible
    Darby Bible
    Douay-Rheims Bible
    Dutch Statenvertaling Bible
    Eastern Armenian Bible (partial)
    Easton's Bible Dictionary
    Esperanto Bible
    Estonian Bible (partial)
    Finnish Bible
    Forgotten Books of Eden, The
    French Bible
    Georgian Bible (partial)
    German Bible
    Gothic Bible (partial)
    Hungarian Bible
    Italian Bible
    Jefferson Bible, The
    Kabyle Bible (NT)
    Korean Bible
    Latvian Bible (NT)
    Legends of Genesis, The
    Manx Bible (partial)
    Maori Bible
    Modern Hebrew Bible
    Norwegian Bible
    Pagan Christs: Studies in Comparative Hierology
    Polyglot Bible, The
    Portuguese Bible
    Potawatomi Bible (partial)
    Prolegomena to the History of Ancient Israel
    Romani Bible (NT)
    Russian Bible
    Scottish Gaelic Bible (Gospel of Mark)
    Self-Contradictions of the Bible
    Spanish Bible
    Swahili Bible (NT)
    Swedish Bible
    Tagalog Bible
    Turkish Bible
    Ukrainian Bible (NT)
    Vietnamese Bible
    Webster's Bible
    Western Armenian Bible (NT)
    Weymouth New Testament
    Wolof Bible (NT)
    World English Bible
    World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors, The
    Xhosa Bible
    Young's Literal Translation
    Book of Jasher, The
    Books of Adam and Eve, The
    Excerpts from the Gospel of Mary
    Slavonic Life of Adam and Eve

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