Sacred Texts  Zoroastrianism 
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Pahlavi Texts, Part V

Marvels of Zoroastrianism

Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 47

translated by E.W. West


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This is part V of the Sacred Books of the East Pahlavi Texts translation. It is the shortest one in the series, a slight 233 pp., about half of most other SBE volumes. SBE 47 contains translations of a number of very late Zoroastrian texts, some prophetic in nature, others providing clues to the chronology of the religion. As such, the texts here, the Dinkard and Selections of Zad-Sparam, make interesting reading. They will be of use both to scholars looking for information about the development of Zoroastrianism, and those looking for non-traditional books of prophecy. West concludes that the traditional date of the birth of Zoroaster corresponds to 660 BCE; more recently, 628 BCE has been proposed, so the former date probably isn't so far off. He also computes the timetable of Zoroastrian prophecy: don't get too excited, though, the end of the world isn't until 2398, so we still have about four centuries left.

PRODUCTION NOTES: This volume proved a tough job. As the title page notes, I worked on it between 2002 and 2007, when my STML technology was mature enough to allow me to finish it in a reasonable timeframe.

--J.B. Hare, August 13, 2007.

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Dînkard, Book VII

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