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1. About his diverse want of participation (gvîd akhvêsîh) with his parents this also is declared, that the demons, at an assembly of wizards, produced an outcry for a conference (ham-vâkô lâyisnŏ) thus: 'That son of Pôrûshaspô is senseless and foolish and secretly corrupted; no one, man or woman, will consider or accept him as exalted.'

2. The tidings came to Pôrûshaspô, and Pôrûshaspô spoke unto Zaratûst thus: 'I thought that I had begotten a son who would become a priest, a warrior, and a husbandman, and now thou

p. 149

wouldst be foolish and secretly corrupted; thou shouldst proceed to the Karaps, so that they may cure thee.'

3. Zaratûst gave answer thus: 'I am he that is thy son, a priest, warrior, and husbandman.' 4. And, by command of Pôrûshaspô he harnessed two horses to a chariot (vardînŏ), and he went with Pôrûshaspô.

5. When they came to the place according to the decision of Pôrûshaspô, into the presence of one Karap of those said five brethren, that wizard took a cup and made water, and spoke thus: 'This he should drink who is a son of thine, so that he may become well;' and he acted with this conviction, that so he would change to the same nature as theirs.

6. Zaratûst spoke to Pôrûshaspô thus: 'Thou mayst give it back to him who is thy protector and high-priest;' and he arose (âkhêgîd) 1 and went back to their place.

7. On the way, Zaratûst gave their two horses water, on account of their thirst; and he thought thus: 'Unprofitable was my going to the residence of the Karaps, except in this manner, when, through giving water to the horses, my soul was then expanded.'


148:1 The ordinary heaven, see Dd. XX, 3.

149:1 T has 'he saluted (nîyâîd).' This legend has not yet been found elsewhere.

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