Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK XIX

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BOOK XIX CHAPTER I How Queen Guenever rode a-Maying with certain knights of the Round Table and clad all in green.
BOOK XIX CHAPTER II How Sir Meliagrance took the queen and her knights, which were sore hurt in fighting
BOOK XIX CHAPTER III How Sir Launcelot had word how the queen was taken, and how Sir Meliagrance laid a bushment for Launcelot
BOOK XIX CHAPTER IV How Sir Launcelot's horse was slain, and how Sir Launcelot rode in a cart for to rescue the queen
BOOK XIX CHAPTER V How Sir Meliagrance required forgiveness of the queen, and how she appeased Sir Launcelot; and other matters
BOOK XIX CHAPTER VI How Sir Launcelot came in the night to the queen and lay with her, and how Sir Meliagrance appeached the queen of treason
BOOK XIX CHAPTER VII How Sir Launcelot answered for the queen, and waged battle against Sir Meliagrance; and how Sir Launcelot was taken in a trap
BOOK XIX CHAPTER VIII How Sir Launcelot was delivered out of prison by a lady, and took a white courser and came for to keep his day
BOOK XIX CHAPTER IX How Sir Launcelot came the same time that Sir Meliagrance abode him in the field and dressed him to battle
BOOK XIX CHAPTER X How Sir Urre came into Arthur's court for to be healed of his wounds, and how King Arthur would begin to handle him
BOOK XIX CHAPTER XI How King Arthur handled Sir Urre, and after him many other knights of the Round Table
BOOK XIX CHAPTER XII How Sir Launcelot was commanded by Arthur to handle his wounds, and anon he was all whole, and how they thanked God
BOOK XIX CHAPTER XIII How there was a party made of an hundred knights against an hundred knights, and of other matters