Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK XIX CHAPTER X

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How Sir Urre came into Arthur's court for to be healed of
his wounds, and how King Arthur would begin to handle

THEN as the French book maketh mention, there was a
good knight in the land of Hungary, his name was Sir
Urre, and he was an adventurous knight, and in all places
where he might hear of any deeds of worship there would
he be.  So it happened in Spain there was an earl's son,
his name was Alphegus, and at a great tournament in
Spain this Sir Urre, knight of Hungary, and Sir Alphegus
of Spain encountered together for very envy; and so
either undertook other to the utterance.  And by fortune
Sir Urre slew Sir Alphegus, the earl's son of Spain, but
this knight that was slain had given Sir Urre, or ever he
was slain, seven great wounds, three on the head, and four
on his body and upon his left hand.  And this Sir
Alphegus had a mother, the which was a great sorceress;
and she, for the despite of her son's death, wrought by her
subtle crafts that Sir Urre should never be whole, but ever
his wounds should one time fester and another time bleed,
so that he should never be whole until the best knight of
the world had searched his wounds; and thus she made
her avaunt, wherethrough it was known that Sir Urre
should never be whole.

Then his mother let make an horse litter, and put him
therein under two palfreys; and then she took Sir Urre's
sister with him, a full fair damosel, whose name was
Felelolie; and then she took a page with him to keep
their horses, and so they led Sir Urre through many
countries.  For as the French book saith, she led him so
seven year through all lands christened, and never she
could find no knight that might ease her son.  So she
came into Scotland and into the lands of England, and by
fortune she came nigh the feast of Pentecost until King
Arthur's court, that at that time was holden at Carlisle.
And when she came there, then she made it openly to be
known how that she was come into that land for to heal
her son.

Then King Arthur let call that lady, and asked her
the cause why she brought that hurt knight into that
land.  My most noble king, said that lady, wit you well
I brought him hither for to be healed of his wounds, that
of all this seven year he might not be whole.  And then
she told the king where he was wounded, and of whom;
and how his mother had discovered in her pride how she
had wrought that by enchantment, so that he should never
be whole until the best knight of the world had searched
his wounds.  And so I have passed through all the lands
christened to have him healed, except this land.  And if I
fail to heal him here in this land, I will never take more
pain upon me, and that is pity, for he was a good knight,
and of great nobleness.  What is his name? said Arthur
My good and gracious lord, she said, his name is Sir Urre
of the Mount.  In good time, said the king, and sith ye
are come into this land, ye are right welcome; and wit
you well here shall your son be healed, an ever any
Christian man may heal him.  And for to give all other
men of worship courage, I myself will assay to handle
your son, and so shall all the kings, dukes, and earls that
be here present with me at this time; thereto will
I command them, and well I wot they shall obey and do after
my commandment.  And wit you well, said King Arthur
unto Urre's sister, I shall begin to handle him, and search
unto my power, not presuming upon me that I am so
worthy to heal your son by my deeds, but I will courage
other men of worship to do as I will do.  And then the
king commanded all the kings, dukes, and earls, and all
noble knights of the Round Table that were there that
time present, to come into the meadow of Carlisle.  And
so at that time there were but an hundred and ten of the
Round Table, for forty knights were that time away;
and so here we must begin at King Arthur, as is kindly to
begin at him that was the most man of worship that was
christened at that time.