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How Sir Launcelot was delivered out of prison by a lady,
and took a white courser and came for to keep his day

SO leave we Sir Launcelot lying within that cave in great
pain; and every day there came a lady and brought him
his meat and his drink, and wooed him, to have lain by
him; and ever the noble knight, Sir Launcelot, said her
nay.  Sir Launcelot, said she, ye are not wise, for ye may
never out of this prison, but if ye have my help; and
also your lady, Queen Guenever, shall be brent in your
default, unless that ye be there at the day of battle.  God
defend, said Sir Launcelot, that she should be brent in my
default; and if it be so, said Sir Launcelot, that I may not
be there, it shall be well understanded, both at the king and
at the queen, and with all men of worship, that I am dead,
sick, outher in prison.  For all men that know me will
say for me that I am in some evil case an I be not there
that day; and well I wot there is some good knight either
of my blood, or some other that loveth me, that will take
my quarrel in hand; and therefore, said Sir Launcelot, wit
ye well ye shall not fear me; and if there were no more
women in all this land but ye, I will not have ado with
you.  Then art thou shamed, said the lady, and destroyed
for ever.  As for world's shame, Jesu defend me, and as
for my distress, it is welcome whatsoever it be that God
sendeth me.

So she came to him the same day that the battle should
be, and said:  Sir Launcelot, methinketh ye are too
hard-hearted, but wouldest thou but kiss me once I should
deliver thee, and thine armour, and the best horse that is
within Sir Meliagrance's stable.  As for to kiss you, said
Sir Launcelot, I may do that and lose no worship; and
wit ye well an I understood there were any disworship
for to kiss you I would not do it.  Then he kissed her,
and then she gat him, and brought him to his armour.
And when he was armed, she brought him to a stable,
where stood twelve good coursers, and bade him choose
the best.  Then Sir Launcelot looked upon a white
courser the which liked him best; and anon he commanded
the keepers fast to saddle him with the best saddle
of war that there was; and so it was done as he bade.
Then gat he his spear in his hand, and his sword by his
side, and commended the lady unto God, and said: Lady,
for this good deed I shall do you service if ever it be in
my power.