Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK XX

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BOOK XX CHAPTER I How Sir Agravaine and Sir Mordred were busy upon Sir Gawaine for to disclose the love between Sir Launcelot and Queen Guenever
BOOK XX CHAPTER II How Sir Agravaine disclosed their love to King Arthur, and how King Arthur gave them licence to take him
BOOK XX CHAPTER Ill How Sir Launcelot was espied in the queen's chamber, and how Sir Agravaine and Sir Mordred came with twelve knights to slay him
BOOK XX CHAPTER IV How Sir Launcelot slew Sir Colgrevance, and armed him in his harness, and after slew Sir Agravaine, and twelve of his fellows
BOOK XX CHAPTER V How Sir Launcelot came to Sir Bors, and told him how he had sped, and in what adventure he had been, and how he had escaped
BOOK XX CHAPTER VI Of the counsel and advice that was taken by Sir Launcelot and his friends for to save the queen
BOOK XX CHAPTER VII How Sir Mordred rode hastily to the king, to tell him of the affray and death of Sir Agravaine and the other knights
BOOK XX CHAPTER VIII How Sir Launcelot and his kinsmen rescued the queen from the fire, and how he slew many knights
BOOK XX CHAPTER IX Of the sorrow and lamentation of King Arthur for the death of his nephews and other good knights, and also for the queen, his wife
BOOK XX CHAPTER X How King Arthur at the request of Sir Gawaine concluded to make war against Sir Launcelot, and laid siege to his castle called Joyous Gard
BOOK XX CHAPTER XI Of the communication between King Arthur and Sir Launcelot, and how King Arthur reproved him.
BOOK XX CHAPTER XII How the cousins and kinsmen of Sir Launcelot excited him to go out to battle, and how they made them ready
BOOK XX CHAPTER XIII How Sir Gawaine jousted and smote down Sir Lionel, and how Sir Launcelot horsed King Arthur
BOOK XX CHAPTER XIV How the Pope sent down his bulls to make peace, and how Sir Launcelot brought the queen to King Arthur
BOOK XX CHAPTER XV Of the deliverance of the queen to the king by Sir Launcelot, and what language Sir Gawaine had to Sir Launcelot
BOOK XX CHAPTER XVI Of the communication between Sir Gawaine and Sir Launcelot, with much other language
BOOK XX CHAPTER XVII How Sir Launcelot departed from the king and from Joyous Gard over seaward, and what knights went with him
BOOK XX CHAPTER XVIII How Sir Launcelot passed over the sea, and how he made great lords of the knights that went with him
BOOK XX CHAPTER XIX How King Arthur and Sir Gawaine made a great host ready to go over sea to make war on Sir Launcelot
BOOK XX CHAPTER XX What message Sir Gawaine sent to Sir Launcelot; and how King Arthur laid siege to Benwick, and other matters
BOOK XX CHAPTER XXI How Sir Launcelot and Sir Gawaine did battle together, and how Sir Gawaine was overthrown and hurt
BOOK XX CHAPTER XXII Of the sorrow that King Arthur made for the war, and of another battle where also Sir Gawaine had the worse