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Eilann Donan Castle from Wikimedia

The Feuds of the Clans

by Alexander MacGregor


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This is an account of the feuds of the Highlanders of Scotland. While most feuds stem from trivial causes, they have always been a source for high literature, from the Iliad to the Mahabharata. These Scottish feuds take on an epic quality of their own, as they play out their grim logic of retribution.

Title Page
The Feuds of the Clans
Touching the Description of Sutherland

The Feuds of the Clans

The Conflict of Drumilea
The Conflict of Embo
The Conflict Of Bealach-na-Broigh
The Conflict of Clachnaharry
The Conflict of Clan Chattan and Clan Kay
The Conflict of Tuiteam-Tarbhach
The Conflict of Lon-Harpasdal
The Conflict of Druimnacoub
The Conflict of Ruaig-Shansaid
The Conflict of Blar-Tannie
The Conflict of Blar-na-Pairc
The Conflicts of Skibo and Strathfleet
The Crowner Slain by the Keiths in the Chapel of St. Tayre
The Conflict of Aldicharrish
The Skirmish of Dail-Riabhach
The Conflict of Torran Dubh
The Conflict of Alltan-Beath
The Conflict of Garbharry
The Burning of the Dornoch Cathedral
The Conflicts of Allt-Gamhna and Leckmelm
Troubles in the Western Isles in the Year 1586
The Troubles Between Sutherland and Caithness in 1587–90
The Troubles Between the Earls of Huntly and Moray.
The Troubles Betwixt the Forbeses and the Gordons in the Years 1571 and 1572
The Brig of Dee
A Tumult in Ross in 1597
The Death of Sir Lauchlan Maclean in 1598
Troubles in the West Isles Betwixt the Clan Donald and the Siol Tormoit in 1601
The Troubles Between Lord Kintail and Glengarry
Troubles in the Island of Raasay In 1611
The Troubles of the Lewis
Some Troubles Betwixt Sutherland and Caithness In 1612
The Spanish Blanks, and What Follows Thereupon