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The Feuds of the Clans, by Alexander MacGregor, [1907], at

p. 68

The Conflicts of Skibo and Strathfleet.

About the same time, Macdonald of the Isles, accompanied with some of his kinsmen and followers, to the number of five or six hundred, came into Sutherland, and encamped hard by the Castle of Skibo, whereupon Neil Murray (son or grandchild to Angus Murray, slain at Druimnacoub) was sent by John, Earl of Sutherland, to resist them, in case they did offer any harm unto the inhabitants. Neil Murray, perceiving them going about to spoil the country, invaded them hard by Skibo, and killed one of their chieftains, called Donald Dow, with fifty others. Macdonald, with the rest of his company, escaped by flight, and so retired into their own country.

Shortly thereafter another company of Macdonald's kin and friends came to Strathfleet in Sutherland, and spoiled that part of the country, thinking thereby to repair the loss they had before received; but Robert Sutherland (John, Earl of Sutherland's brother), assembled some men in all haste, and encountered

p. 69

with them upon the sands of Strathfleet. After a sharp and cruel skirmish, Macdonald's men were overthrown, and divers of them killed.

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