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The Feuds of the Clans, by Alexander MacGregor, [1907], at

The Conflict of Tuiteam-Tarbhach.

The year of God 1406, this conflict was fought at Tuiteam-Tarbhach, in the south-west part of Sutherland, as it marches with Ross. Upon this occasion, Angus Mackay of Strathnaver

p. 60

married Macleod of the Lews’ sister, by whom he had two sons, Angus Dow and Rory Gald. Angus Mackay dying, he leaves the government of his estate and children to his brother Uistean Dow Mackay. Macleod of the Lews, understanding that his sister, the widow of Angus Mackay, was hardly dealt withal in Strathnaver by Uistean Dow, the takes journey thither to visit her, with the choicest men of his country. At his coming there, he finds that she is not well dealt withal, so he returned home malcontent, and in his way he spoiled Strathnaver and a great part of Brae-Chat in the height of Sutherland. Robert, Earl of Sutherland, being advertised thereof, he sent Alexander Murray of Cubin, with a company of men, to assist Uistean Dow in pursuing Macleod, and to recover the prey. They overtake Macleod at Tuiteam-tarbhach, as he and his company were going to the west sea, where Alexander Murray and Uistean Dow invaded them with great courage. The fight was long and furious, rather desperate than resolute. In the end they recovered the booty, and killed Macleod with all his company. This conflict gave name

p. 61

to the place where it was fought, being then. called Tuiteam-tarbhach, which signifieth a plentiful fall or slaughter, and is so called unto this day.

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