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The Feuds of the Clans, by Alexander MacGregor, [1907], at

A Tumult in Ross in 1597.

The year of God 1597, there happened an accident in Ross, at a fair in Lagavraid, which had almost put Ross and all the neighbouring counties in a combustion. The quarrel did begin betwixt John Macgillichallum (brother to the Laird of Raasay), and Alexander Bane (brother to Duncan Bane of Tulloch). The Munroes did assist Alexander Bane, and the Clan Kenzie took part with John Macgillichallum, who was there slain, with John MacMurdo Mac-William, and three others of the Clan Kenzie. Alexander Bane escaped, but there were killed on his side John Munro of Culcraggie, with his brother, Hutcheon Munro, and John Munro Robertson. Hereupon the Clan Kenzie and the Munroes began to employ the aid and assistance of their friends

p. 132

from all parts to invade one another; but they were in some measure reconciled by the mediation of indifferent friends and neighbours.

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