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of the

Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons

State of Texas


This is the 'Monitor' of the Texas Masons. It describes ceremonies, including the those used for the three major initiations and the burial rite. The Monitor has model speeches and prayers for various occasions, and defines the order of Masonic processions. The Texas Monitor is similar to the monitors of other states. Keep in mind that for copyright purposes, the source text for this is an older version of the Texas Monitor. The current Texas Monitor has undoubtedly changed slightly since this edition was published.

Title Page
Approval of Revision
Opening a Lodge
Entered Apprentice
Fellow-Craft's Degree
Master Mason
Installation Ceremony of the Grand Lodge
Installation Ceremony for a Subordinate Lodge
Constituting A Lodge
Ceremony At Laying Corner-Stones
Consecration of a Subordinate Lodge
Masonic Burial Service
Rules For Masonic Processions