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[The following was composed by the compiler of this Revised Monitor, many years ago, to follow immediately after the delivery of "Morris' Masonic Poem." It has been so favorably received, that it is now given to the Craft, in printed form, so that they may receive any benefit it may be to them.]

An Apostrophe to "Hope"

Brethren: If Masonry teaches us anything, it teaches us the Fatherhood of God, and the Brotherhood of Man! It teaches us Life, Death, a Resurrection, and a Future Life!

Brethren, the Covering of a Lodge is no less than "the clouded-canopy, or starry-decked heavens, where all good Masons hope at last to arrive by the aid of the theological ladder, which Jacob, in his vision, saw extending from Earth to Heaven; the three principal rounds of which are denominated, Faith, Hope, and Charity, teaching faith in God, hope in Immortality, and charity to all Mankind."

Yes, "Hope!" With silv’ry tongue and dainty fingers, Hope plays upon the golden strings, and sings to us the cheering melody of

"A Final Resurrection and An Endless Life!"

The comforting strains of her angelic music reverberate through all the corridors

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of our ancient and mystic Temple; its sweet cadences cheer us while we live--comfort us when we come to die--and linger, like a pleasant requiem, about our newly-made graves, when we sleep the sleep of death!

Yes, Hope is an anchor to the soul,--both sure, and steadfast! and is anchored to that within the vail! Yes, Hope plants the Sprig of Evergreen, at the head of our graves, and sits there, through all the intervening years, singing the

Paeans of Immortality!

and proclaiming that our lifeless clay shall be raised * * * * and that, in a land far brighter and happier than this, our bodies and souls, reunited, shall forever bloom in Eternal Spring!

Brethren, for this, let us hope, and to this, let us press forward! Amen!

Response: So mote it be!

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