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The following General Rules to be observed in Masonic processions, are inserted as an appendix to the eight foregoing sections, which provisions appear for the public appearance of the Order. Too much attention cannot be paid to public processions. They should always appear in strict order, and the course of the procession should be in straight lines, and all turns at right angles. Brethren walking two and two may either be with locked arms or with elbows touching, and the divisions of two should be at six feet distance from each other. When music is used, attention should be paid to keeping the step. It is proper that brethren who appear as Master Masons should wear white gloves and white sashes in all processions, though blue sashes may be used. Brethren should always be clothed according to the degree they assume in the procession. A Knight Templar, clothed as a Master Mason, should walk in that

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part of the procession. Brethren in procession ought always to be dressed in black coat, hat and pantaloons.

When two or more Lodges walk in procession, they form either in one body, or in separate Lodges; if separately, the youngest Lodge precedes the other. The cushion on which the Holy Writings are carried is covered with velvet.

Marshals are to walk on the left of the procession.

All officers of Lodges, in procession, should wear the badges of their office.

If a Past or present Grand Master should join the procession of a subordinate Lodge, or Deputy Grand Master, or the Grand Wardens, attention is to be paid to them. They take place after the Master of the Lodge. Two Deacons with black rods, one on the right and another on the left, attend a Grand Warden, and when a Grand Master is present, or Deputy Grand Master, the Book of Constitutions is borne before him; a Sword Bearer follows him, and the Deacons, with black rods, are placed on his right and left, at an angular distance of five feet.

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Musicians, if they are of the Fraternity, walk in the procession, after the Tiler; if not, they precede the Tiler, walk to the right and left of the procession. When there is but one band, and the Grand Lodge attends, they follow the Grand Tiler.

In the order of procession for funerals, the cushion on which is carried the Holy Writings is covered with black silk or cloth, a black silk knot is placed at the end of each Steward's rod--the same on the musical instruments. The procession immediately precedes the corpse.

The brethren all walk two and two, excepting such officers as, from their stations, are to walk otherwise.

When a new Lodge is to be consecrated, etc., that Lodge is always to form separately; its place in procession is immediately preceding the Grand Lodge.

On entering public buildings, etc., the Bible, Square and Compasses, Book of Constitutions, etc., are placed before the Grand Master. The Grand Marshal and Grand Deacons keep near him.

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