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p. 117


The ceremony of installing the officers and putting the Lodge at work under a Charter for the first time, is the same as the preceding, except the preliminary steps, which are as follows:

The Installing Officer, who by the Constitution of the Grand Lodge of Texas, must be the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, one of the Grand Wardens, or one of the District Deputy Grand Masters, or some Past Master duly authorized by proxy by one of them, convenes the new Lodge at the Lodge room, at such time as may suit the convenience of himself and the brethren, opens the Lodge in the Master's degree, and informs the brethren present of the object of the meeting; that meeting, be it on whatever day it may, is a stated meeting.

He then calls upon the brethren to know if they are satisfied with the officers named in the Charter. If they answer in the affirmative, he asks the brethren named in the Charter to consult together and appoint the other officers. And when that is done he names a Marshal for the occasion, and directs him to present the officers for installation, or he may call to refreshment and then install. If, in response to the inquiry about the satisfaction, as to the officers named in the Charter, the brethren should say they are not satisfied, he at once orders an election and then installs the officers elected according to the ceremony of installation, heretofore given for a subordinate Lodge.

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