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At the time appointed, the Grand Lodge is convened at some suitable place, approved by the Grand Master, the brethren appearing in the insignia of the Order, with white gloves and aprons.

The Lodge is then opened in ample form, and the rules for regulating the procession are read by the Grand Secretary. The Lodge is then called from labor in the Lodge room, and placed in charge of the Grand Marshal, and sets out to perform the ceremony of laying the corner-stone in the following manner, viz:


Entered Apprentices;
Two Tilers, with drawn swords;
Tiler of the oldest Lodge, with a drawn sward;
Two Stewards of the oldest Lodge;
Master Masons;
Junior Deacons;
Senior Deacons;
Past Wardens;
Junior Wardens;
Senior Wardens;
Mark Masters;
Past Masters;
Royal Arch Masons;
Knights Templars;
Masters of Lodges;
Music; p. 119
Grand Tiler with a drawn sword;
Grand Stewards, with white rods;
Grand Pursuivant;
Members and Delegates of Grand Lodge in double file;
Grand Treasurer and Secretary;
District Deputy Grand Masters;
A Brother with a golden vessel containing Corn;
Two Brethren. with silver vessels. one containing Wine and the other Oil;
Principal Architect, with Square, Level and Plumb;
Bible, Square and Compasses, carried by a Master of a, Lodge, supported by two Stewards;
Grand Chaplain;
The Five Orders;
Past Grand Wardens;
Past Deputy Grand Masters;
Past Grand Masters;
Grand Orator;
Grand Wardens;
Deputy Grand Master;
Master of the oldest Lodge, bearing the Book of Constitutions, on a Velvet Cushion;
G. Deacons, with black rods, on a line, 7 feet apart.
Grand Sword Bearer, with a drawn sword;

Two Stewards, with white rods. The procession having arrived at the proper place, it will halt and open to the right and left, facing inward, and the Grand Master and his officers pass through and take their proper places on a platform prepared for the occasion. An ode is then sung. The Grand Master commands silence, and the ceremonies proceed as follows, viz:

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The Grand Master says:

"R. W. G. S. Warden: The Grand Lodge of Texas having been invited to lay the corner-stone of this edifice, and having assembled for that purpose, I now order that this, the representation of the Grand Lodge of Texas, do now assist me in the performance of this work. This my will and pleasure you will, therefore, proclaim to the Grand Junior Warden, that the brethren and others present may have due notice thereof."

The Grand Senior Warden says:

"Bro. Grand Junior Warden: It is the order of the M. W. G. Master that the corner-stone be now laid with Masonic honors; this you will proclaim to all present, that the occasion may be observed with due order and solemnity."

The Grand Junior Warden then says:

"Brethren and all persons present will take notice that the M. W. G. Master will now proceed to lay this corner-stone in due Masonic form. You will, therefore, observe the order and decorum becoming the important and

p. 121

solemn ceremonies in which we are about to engage."

The Grand Master then says:

"R. W. G. Treasurer: I now order you to deposit the corn, medals and papers in the place prepared for their reception."

The principal Architect then presents the working tools to the G. Master, who directs the G. Marshal to present them to the Deputy G. Master and Grand Senior and Junior Wardens.

The G. M., D. G. M., and G. Wardens then descend from the platform; the G. M. with the Trowel, the D. G. Master with the Square, the G. S. Warden with the Level, and the G. J. Warden With the Plumb--the G. M. standing at the East of the stone, his Deputy on his right, the G. S. Warden at the West and the G. J. Warden at the South side of the stone. The Grand Master then spreads the cement, and when done, directs the G. Marshal to order the Craftsmen to lower the stone by three motions.

The Public Grand Honors are then given. The Square, Level and Plumb are then applied to the stone by the proper officers.

G. M.--R. W. D. G. Master: What is the proper Jewel of your office?

A.--The Square.

G. M.--Have you applied the Square to those parts of the stone that should be squared?

p. 122

A.--I have, M. W. G. M., and the Craftsmen have done their duty.

G. M.--R. W. G. S. Warden: What is the proper Jewel of your office?

A.--The Level.

G. M.--Have you applied the Level to the stone?

A.--I have, M. W. G. M., and the Craftsmen have done their duty.

G. M.--R. W. G. J. Warden: What is the proper Jewel of your office?

A.--The Plumb.

G. M.--Have you applied the Plumb to the several edges of the stone?

A.--I have, M. W. G. M., and the Craftsmen have done their duty.

G. M.--Having full confidence in your skill in the Royal Art, it remains with me to finish the work.

The G. Master then gives three knocks upon the stone and says:

"I find this foundation-stone well formed, true and trusty, and may this undertaking be conducted and completed by the Craftsmen, according to the Grand Plan, in Peace, Love, and Harmony."

The D. G. M. then receives from the Grand Marshal the vessel containing Corn, and, spreading the corn upon the stone, says:

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"May the health of the workmen employed in this undertaking be preserved to them, and the Supreme Grand Architect bless and prosper their labors."

Response: So mote it be.

The G. S. Warden then receives from the Grand Marshal the vessel containing Wine, and, pouring it upon the stone, says:

"May plenty be showered down upon the people of this State, and may the blessing of the bounteous Giver of all things attend their philanthropic undertakings."

Response: So mote it be.

The G. J. Warden then receives the vessel containing Oil, and pours it upon the stone, saying:

"May the Supreme Ruler of the World preserve the people in peace, and vouchsafe to them the enjoyment of every blessing."

G. M.--"May the Corn of nourishment, the Wine of refreshment, the Oil of joy, and all the necessaries of life abound among men throughout the world, and may the blessing of Almighty God be upon this undertaking, and may this structure here to be

p. 124

erected be preserved to the latest ages, in order that it may promote the useful purposes for which it is designed."

Response: So mote it be.

The Grand Master then presents the implements to the Architect, saying:

"To you, Brother Architect, are confided the implements of operative Masonry, with the fullest confidence that, by your skill and taste, a fabric shall arise which shall add new luster to your fame as a Master Builder; may it endure for many ages, a monument of the liberality and benevolence of its founders."

Response: So mote it be.

An oration suitable to the occasion is then delivered. An ode sung, and a prayer concludes the ceremonies; when the Lodge returns, in the same form as above set out, to the place whence it came, and is closed in due form.

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