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General Ahiman Rezon

by Daniel Sickels


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This is a collection of Masonic rituals, including ceremonies related to the degrees of the Entered Apprentice, Fellow-craft and Master Mason. It includes extensive treatment of funeral rituals. There is musical notation for a number of Masonic hymns. An appendix has a series of model documents for various masonic situations. While it does not disclose anything truly secret, the General Ahiman Rezon gives us an insightful peek behind the veil of 19th century Masonic pomp and circumstance.

Title Page and Front Matter
Ahiman Rezon: Signification of the Term
Explanation of the Frontispiece


Origin of Masonry, and Its Advantages
Government of the Fraternity
The Lodge and its Government
Qualifications of Candidates
Admission of Candidates


Opening and Closing the Lodge

First Degree: Entered Apprentice

Symbolism of the Degree
Rite of Induction
Prayer at Initiation
The Symbolic Pilgrimage
Obligation of Secrecy
Rite of Illumination. Investiture of the Candidate
Charity the Chief Social Value
The North-East Corner
Working-Tools of an Entered Apprentice
Section II. The Preparation. Right Hand. Badge of a Mason
Section III: The Lodge
Lodge Meetings—Where Held
Form and Dimensions and Boundaries of the Lodge
The Covering of the Lodge
The Furniture of the Lodge
The Ornaments of a Lodge
The Lights of the Lodge. Moveable and Immovable Jewels.
Situation of the Lodge
Dedication of Lodges
Great Tenets of a Freemason
Charge to the Candidate
Charge, at the Initiation of a Soldier

Second Degree: Fellow-Craft

Symbolism of the Degree
Symbolical Jewels
Working Tools of a Fellow-Craft
Operative and Speculative Masonry
Pillars of the Porch
Symbols of Peace, Unity and Plenty. Of the Globes.
The Winding Stairs
Of Order in Architecture
The Five Senses of Human Nature
The Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences
Emblem of Plenty Explained
Charge to the Candidate
Lecture on the Legend of the Winding Stairs

Third Degree: Master Mason

Symbolism of the Degree
Working Tools of the Master Mason
Twelve Messengers—Acacia Tree—Letter G.
Funeral Dirge
Rites of Sepulture—Hebrew Customs
King Solomon's Temple
Emblems of Master Mason's Degree
Charge to the Candidate
Officers' Clothing and Jewels

Ancient Ceremonies

Consecration of a New Lodge
Dedication and Constitution of a New Lodge
Installation of the Officers of a Lodge
Installation of the Officers of a Grand Lodge
Laying Foundation Stones of Public Structures
Dedication of Masonic Halls
Grand Visitations

Masonic Burial Services

General Directions
Service in the Lodge-Room
Service at the Church or the House of the Deceased
Service at the Grave


Regulations for Processions
Ritual for a Lodge of Sorrow
Service for the Consecration of Masonic Cemeteries
Masonic Calendar


Appendix—Masonic Documents and Forms of Trials