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BY the regulations of the Fraternity, a candidate for the mysteries of Masonry cannot be initiated in any regular Lodge, without having stood proposed one regular meeting, unless a dispensation be obtained in his favor. All applications for initiation should be made in writing, at a regular meeting of the Lodge, giving name, residence, age, occupation, and references, in the following form:

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To the Worshipful Master, Officers and Brethren of . . . . . . Lodge, No. . . . , Free and Accepted Masons.

THE undersigned, unbiassed by the improper solicitation of friends, and uninfluenced by mercenary or other unworthy motives—prompted by a favorable opinion of your ancient and honorable institution, and a desire for knowledge—freely and voluntarily offers himself a candidate for initiation into the mysteries of Freemasonry, and respectfully prays that he may be admitted and become a member of your Lodge, promising a cheerful conformity to the ancient usages and established customs of the Order.

Was born in . . . ., is . . . years of age; occupation . . . . ., and resides . . . . . .

A. B.

Recommended by . . . . . .

The petition, having been read in open Lodge; is placed on file. A committee is then appointed to investigate the character and qualifications of the petitioner. If, at the next regular meeting of the Lodge, the report of the committee be favorable, the necessary preparations are made for his admission.

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