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The COLLAR must be blue, (of velvet, silk, or merino,) trimmed with material of same color, bordered with silver lace. They may be ornamented with embroidery or stars. The Jewel is to be suspended from the point of the Collar.

The APRON is white lambskin, square at the corners—13x15 in., with flap triangular shape, 5 inches deep at the point, lined and bordered with blue. On the flap is delineated an eye, irradiated; on the area the square and compass and the letter G, irradiated, with flat Masonic tags suspended on either side from under the flap. See illustration p. 173.

JEWELS (silver).

Past Master


a compass opened on a quarter circle, sun in the center. *


a square.

Senior Warden

a level.

Junior Warden

a plumb.


cross keys.


cross pens.

Senior Deacon

square and compass, sun in the center.

Junior Deacon

square and compass, quar. moon in center.


a cornucopia.


an open Bible.


cross batons.


a lyre.

M's of Ceremonies

cross swords.


a sword, sabre shape.

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The COLLARS of a Grand Lodge should be made of royal purple silk velvet, enriched with gold embroidery, trimmed with gold lace, and lined with purple silk. The Jewel is to be suspended from the point of the Collar.

The APRON is white lambskin, 13×15 in., square at the corners, trimmed with purple and gold, and flat Masonic tags. The Apron and Collar should be made to correspond in richness to the grade of the officer for whom they were intended.


The Jewels of a Grand Lodge are made of gold (or yellow metal), and suspended in a circle or wreath.

Grand Master


a compass opened on a quarter circle sun in the center.

Past Grand Master

the same, with triangle.

Deputy Grand Master

a square.

Senior Grand Warden

a level.

Junior Grand Warden

a plumb.

Grand Treasurer

cross keys.

Grand Secretary

cross pens.

Grand Chaplains

the Holy Bible.

Grand Marshal

 a scroll and sword crossed.

G. Standard Bearer

a plate, representing a banner.

Grand Sword Bearer

a straight sword.

Grand Stewards

a cornucopia.

Grand Deacons

a dove, bearing an olive branch.

Grand Pursuivant

a sword and trumpet crossed.

Grand Tiler

cross swords.


220:* This Jewel may be made of gold, and enclosed to a wreath.

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