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THE Grand Master, accompanied by the Grand Officers, should, at least once a year, or as often as he may deem expedient, visit the Lodges under his jurisdiction, to make the customary examinations. When this laudable duty becomes impracticable, from the extent of jurisdiction and large number of Lodges, the Grand Master may appoint any one or more of his Grand Officers, who shall visit and inspect such Lodges as the Grand Master shall designate, and make report to him of the result.

The following is the ceremony observed on such occasions:

The Grand Secretary, by command of the Grand Master or Presiding Grand Officer, notifies the Lodge of the intended visit.

The Master opens his Lodge in the third degree, and places his Deacons at the sides of the door, with their staves crossed. The Brethren arrange themselves in a line from the door, on each side, to the Chair. The orders, borne by some of the most respectable private Brethren, wait near the door, to walk before the Grand Master when they enter. This being arranged in this manner, the Master deputes a Past Master to escort the Grand Officers, who enter in the following form:

Grand Marshal;

Grand Stewards;

Grand Pursuivant, with sword;

Two Grand Deacons;

Grand Treasurer and Secretary;

Grand Chaplain;

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