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IF a question be asked regarding secret enemies, who are not named, observe the lord of the 12th, and planets therein, how they aspect the lord of the ascendant, and from what houses, &c. If the lord of the 12th behold the lord of the ascendant from the 6th, 8th, or 12th, or from the 4th, 7th, or 10th, then there are some who privately wish ill to the querent.

To know who a private Enemy is.

Observe how the lord of the 12th is affected, and whether he be with good or evil planets, and how he behold the lord of the ascendant. If he be in the 6th, or joined to its lord, it spews the secret enemy is afflicted with some secret disease or malady; if the lord of the 6th be in the 12th, he is also sickly. If the lord of the 12th be in the 10th, or with its lord, he is in favour with the king or some person of rank; and if he be strong, it will not be well for the querent to meddle with him, especially if he aspect the lord of the ascendant or ☽ by ☐ or ☍. If the lord of the 12th be with the lord of the 4th or 8th, or in those houses, he is sickly or near dying, or is repining, and very miserable. Consider and judge farther, as in former cases directed.

Whether a Person committed to Prison shall be discharged?

First learn your ascendant exactly, by knowing what relation the quesited bears to the querent. If ☽ be swift in motion, it denotes a short stay in prison; if she aspect a

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planet in the 3d or 9th by ✶ or △, or by ☐, if with reception), he shall soon leave the prison; the same, if she aspect the lord of the 3d or 9th, and be not in an angle. As you judge by ☽, judge also by the lord of the ascendant. But these aspects must be by application.

The lords of the angles being in angles, is an ill testimony; and so much the worse if the lord of the ascendant be in the 4th, or if either he or the lord of the 12th dispose of each other. It is still worse if the lord of the ascendant be disposed of by a planet in an angle, especially a malefic; and worst of all if that malefic be in the 4th; and if he be the lord of the 8th, he may expect to die in prison. The ☽ disposed of by the lord of the 12th, or any malefic, is a sign of a long stay; and it is still worse, if her dispositor be in an angle, and especially in the 4th. If, however, the disposing planet be in a moveable sign, or swift in motion, it shortens the time; but a retrograde planet shews a long detention. If the lord of the ascendant, or ☽, be combust, it shews a long imprisonment.

The ☽ and ☿ in moveable signs, when ☿ is lord of the ascendant, shews speedy enlargement, especially if they aspect a fortune. If ♃ ascend, or be in ☌ with ☽, or ♀ be in the ascendant in ☌ with ☽, or ☿ be in ☌ with ♃, and aspect the ☽, or ☽ apply to ♃ or ♀, he will be discharged. The dispositor of ☽ with a fortune denotes the same.

Whether a Prisoner of War shall escape or be exchanged, &c.

If the lord of the ascendant separate from the lord of the 4th, and apply to a fortune; or if the lord of the ascendant be cadent, or leaving an angle, he shall escape. Also if he separate from combustion, or ☽ get from under the beams of ☉.

If at the time of being taken, or of the question, a fixed

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sign ascend, or the ☽, or lord of the ascendant, be in a fixed sign, or in ♓, it denotes long imprisonment. The same if a fixed sign be on the 12th, or its lord be angular, and in a fixed sign. The ☽, or lord of the 1st, in ♉ or ♌, and in ☍ to ♂, shews danger of being slain by the sword, or by quarrelling; if in ☍ to ♄, it shews irons or severe punishments. (If it be an ordinary prisoner, these may shew sickness, want, and ill treatment, or accident, &c.)

An infortune in ♒, shews a long imprisonment. If the lord of the ascendant be in his fall or detriment, and the ☽ in ♒, the same; also the ☽, or lord of the 1st, in the 8th or 12th. If ☽ apply to a fortune, and the lord of the ascendant and the cusp of the ascendant be fortunate, it denotes liberation.

Note.--♀ is better than ♃ in this question, especially if in aspect to ☿ or ☽. If ☽ be with ♄, and ♃ behold them by ☐, and ♂ by △, it denotes that, after a long confinement and suffering, he shall break prison and escape.

If a felon, &c., be imprisoned when ☉ ascends or rules the ascendant, he shall escape (the ancients declare) within a month; if ♀, within 40 days; if ☿, he has long imprisonment; if ☽, his state will depend on and change according as she has applications with other planets; if ♄, he has long confinement; if ♃, short; and if ♂ he shall be ill-treated, beaten, put into irons, &c.

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<i>Fig</i>. 29.
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Fig. 29.


The prisoner's person is described by ♐, the cusp of the 12th, and by ♃ in ♌. The way he went, and intended to go, is here shewn by the cusp of the 12th ♐, and by ♌, where ♃ is, and by the sign and quarter of heaven wherein we find ☽.

All of them considered, they signify, unanimously, that the prisoner would go eastward, or full east, (and so he did). The closeness of ☽ to the ascendant shewed that he was not

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yet out of town, or, at least, that he would not be far from town. And as ♃ was in the 8th, I judged that he lay obscure for awhile, viz. a night; but that then he would go away, (which he did).

I confidently affirmed, that he should be taken again by some man of authority; for ☽ separated from △ of ♃, his significator, and applied to ☍ of ☉, both in angles. It never fails, but that if the ☽, or the significator of a fugitive, be afflicted by an unfortunate planet in the 7th house, that fugitive, or prisoner, is again taken. In the next place, I found ♃ and ☿ in ✶, ☿ in his own house, and applying to ♃; therefore I judged that the querent should have news of the prisoner by letter, or by some young man, within six or seven days, or when the significators came to ✶ aspect; which was six days afterwards. The truth is, that on the next Friday he had a letter to tell where he was, and on the Sunday he apprehended him by authority.

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<i>Fig</i>. 30.
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Fig. 30.


Judgment.--The lady's husband is signified by ♃ lord of the 7th; he is in ♋ retrograde, and had the day before been in △ to ☉. The ☽ applies to ✶ of ♄ retrograde, then to △ of ♃ with a most forcible reception. From hence I made, not many words, but told the lady she need not trouble herself to make friends to apply to his majesty, for that I was

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assured that either he was, or would be, within three day; discharged from his imprisonment by means of a solar man, a commander who would release him and furnish him with what was necessary for his convenience.

The truth is, he was released, and the garrison where he was prisoner taken the day before the question was asked, (when ☉ was in △ to his significator), by an honest parliamentary colonel, who plentifully relieved him with money, and all convenient necessaries. ♃ in his exaltation, retrograde, in a moveable sign, and in △ to ☉, shewed short imprisonment; the more so, as ☉ is lord of the 4th, and the △ so perfect.

<i>Fig</i>. 31.
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Fig. 31.

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The Time of His Excellency ROBERT Earl of ESSEX last setting forth into the West of England.

Here ♒, the ascending sign, well represents his form of body, for it was comely, &c. ♄, ☿, and ♀, his mind, they having all dignities in the ascendant. ♃ has also much to do with his qualities, being lord of ♓, an intercepted sign in the ascendant.

I first considered that the ☽ separated from a △ of ♄, and applied to a ☐ of ♂, lord of his house of substance, assistants, &c., and also of the 9th, his house of journeys. This intimated he should have but slender success, and lose much by his present march. Finding ☋ in the ascendant, I judged that he would be betrayed in his councils; and seeing ♄, lord of his ascendant, peregrine, and in his fall in the 2d, the ☽ in her detriment, and ⊕ disposed of by ☿, lord of his 7th, signifying his enemies, and that ♃, the general significator of wealth, casts a ☐ to the ascending degree, I gave this judgment:--that his Excellency must expect no success from this employment; that he would have no honour by the journey; that he would be extremely crossed by men of great power here at London, who pretended great friendship to him; (♃, lord of the 10th and 11th, being in ☐ to his ascendant), that he would be betrayed wholly, and be in danger to lose all; that, in short, I was extremely sorry he had chosen so unlucky a time to set forth, &c. &c.

The issue was thus, (for I write to posterity): he prospered in the beginning, and daily men of good quality and authority jeered at me, and derided my prediction. I was quite content to be abused, provided that he might have had success. But observe, that on the 8th September following, came sad news, that on the 2d of September this worthy man had surrendered all his ammunition to his majesty, having only quarter for his soldiers; with some other articles, which were dishonourably performed, to the eternal shame of the royal party.

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<i>Fig</i>. 32.
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Fig. 32.


The above remarkable era in the life of King Charles the First affords a striking illustration of the truth of the rules of the science as laid down by our author.

The King is here represented by the ascendant, the ☽, and the lord of the ascendant, because he began the WAR, as it were, by this act. 1

p. 287

Here we find ♄ peregrine, and retrograde in the ascendant, a decided testimony of ill success; the ☋ is also ascending, a sign of evil and treachery to the King. His second house is afflicted by ♂, who is in his detriment, and disposed of by ☿, the significator of his adversaries. The King's ⊕ is afflicted by ☌ of ♂, and by ☐ of ☿, having only the ✶ of ♃, who is retrograde, and in ☍ to ☉n, the joint significator of his foes. Then we find the ascendant in ☍ to ☿, the significator of the enemy; and also the ☽ in ☐ to the ☉, cadent and peregrine. Each one of his significators is afflicted, and ♃, the lord of the 11th, his house of hopes, and of the 10th, the house of honour, and dispositor of ☽, is afflicted by the ☍ of ☉, by being retrograde, and by being within orbs of a ☌ of ♄, lord of the 12th, the house of disgrace and misfortune.

Now as regards the adversary, we find ☉ and ☿ both ruling the 7th, and placed therein in mutual reception, ☉ being in the house of ☿, and ☿ in the house of ☉. The ☊ is also in the 7th, and ♀ lady of their 2d, or house of substance and means, assistants, &c., is strong in her own house n, angular, and no way afflicted.

The general significator of war, ♂, is in his detriment, and is disposed of by ♀, a benefic in the 7th. The lord of the adversaries 10th, or house of honour, is ☿, and he is in reception mutual with the ☉, angular, and no way impedited,

p. 288

except being retrograde; and he is in the term of ♂, and ♂ is in his term; another mutual reception.

All these things were decided testimonies that his Majesty should fail in all his endeavours, and eventually be ruined. The lord of the 12th being also lord of the ascendant, shewed that he had been himself his greatest enemy, and the cause of his misfortunes. The lord of the 12th, (house of imprisonment) being in the ascendant, shewed that he should be imprisoned; the more so from his being in ♓. And history tells us how truly the "signs of heaven" spoke on this occasion; for "all the remainder of his life, after this August 22d, 1642, was a mere labyrinth of sorrow; a continued and daily misfortune."

The student will perceive that his death was plainly foreshewn by the ☽ applying to ✶ of ♀, lady of the 8th, or house of death, from signs of long ascension; in which a ✶, it is said, has the same effect as a ☐ in other signs. The ☽ moreover is with Antares, a violent fixed star, (now in about 7° 30' ♐) which is said to denote a violent death; which is farther shewn by the ☐ of ☽ to ☉, the latter being in an angle. The lord of the 4th being in to the ascendant, was also a token of his death; and perhaps ♏ being in the 8th, and ♂, its ruler, approaching Caput Algol, which is said to denote beheading, might intimate that; but all such minute points must be left to posterity to decide, when the science will be better understood.

The hour of the King's death was 4h. 4m. P.M., 30th January, 1648-9, when the heavens were as represented in the following figure. The student will see that ♄, lord of the ascendant in this figure, had exactly gained the ☐ aspect of the ☉ at that time, being in ♊ 9° 25'; and that ☉ was just transiting the ascendant of this figure; and that the cusp of the 10th (which denoted the King) is there the place of ♄

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in this figure. The ☽ is in the 29th degree, of ♑, a ☐ aspect to the cusp of the 8th, in this also; and ♃, part lord of the ascendant here, is in ☌ with the place of ♀, lady of the 8th. All these coincidences must be considered by the genuine searcher after truth as strong evidences of the truth of planetary influence, as evinced in horary astrology. The consequences and final result of the mad attempt of this unhappy King to make war upon the nation were here plainly depicted; and it is for the opponents of astrology to shew, that these things are merely accidental coincidence, or the fruit of chance, the deity they so fondly worship.

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<i>Fig</i>. 33
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Fig. 33


King Charles I. was born at Dumfernline, in Scotland, about fifteen miles from Edinburgh, on the 19th November, 1600; at which time ☉ was in 9° of ♐. Hence, at the period of his death, ♄ was exactly in ☍ to the place of ☉ at his birth, and ♂ nearly in ☐ to that place.

The ☍ of ♄ to ☉ will ever be found to bring trouble, sorrow, disgrace, and often death, to the native. It will be seen that at the time of the King's setting up his standard at Nottingham, the ☉ was exactly transiting the ☐ of his own

p. 291

place at birth; a decided cause of failure, discredit, &c. But although we mention these circumstances, we would remind the student that such transits can have but little effect unless evil directions be operating at the time; which, there can be no doubt, was the case in the nativity of the unfortunate and ill-advised King Charles the First.

If we regard this figure as that of the exact commencement of the COMMONWEALTH, we shall find that it will point out the result of that change in the government, as it would of any other thing which might then have commenced.

The ☽ is lady of the ascendant, and she is in her detriment and peregrine; hence the commonwealth was not successful; her being in a moveable sign, and moveable signs on the ascendant and 7th, and such signs intercepted in the other two angles, shewed that it would not be permanent. The lord of the 4th being also lord of the 12th, shewed that it would come to an end by means of the exertions of its secret enemies; and as ♄ is also lord of the 7th, and rules the ☽, it shewed that its enemies would overthrow it at length. The end of it was clearly pointed out to be when ☽ came to ☌ of the lord of the 4th, ☿, and to the △ in signs of short ascension of the lord of the 8th, ♄, who is very powerful, as being in reception with ☿, and △ with ♃, and ruling both ☉ and ☽, and being also with ☊. If we calculate from the place of the ☽ to the △ of ♄, we shall find eleven degrees and a quarter, which would be equivalent to eleven years and a quarter; which, it is well known, was THE EXACT DURATION OF THE COMMONWEALTH.


286:1 "The King had lain most part at York, or rambled into some other counties near adjacent, until August, and done little to any purpose. p. 287 For the several counties were generally nothing inclinable to his purpose; in most whereof, and in every county he came in, he rather received petty affronts than support. Yet at last he came to Nottingham, and there set up his STANDARD, (with a full resolution for war), the 22d August, 1642, under this constellation; having some few horse with him, but in great expectation of more aid from the Welsh, &c., whom he thought most doted on monarchy."--Monarchy or no Monarchy, p. 112.

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