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IF the lord of this house be strong, fortunate, and well aspected, it foreshews the obtaining the thing hoped for; also the love and concord of friends, &c., if that be the question.

Whether any one shall have the Thing hoped for?

Observe whether there be any good aspect or reception between the lord of the ascendant and 11th, or translation of light, or that the lord of the ascendant be in the 11th, or the lord of the 11th in the ascendant. All or any of these give reason to expect it. But if there be none of these, note the ☽, and if she be not well qualified with the lord of the 11th, nor any benefit, or ☊ in the 11th, judge the contrary.

The lord of the 11th in an angle, received by the lord of the ascendant, you may judge in the affirmative.

If the receiver of the ☽ be in a common sign, judge that he shall have but part of the thing hoped for. If in a moveable

p. 277

sign, he shall have but a little, a mere sign of the thing; but if the receiver be in a fixed sign, he shall have the whole or complete thing. Yet, if the receiver of ☽ be unfortunate, the matter shall get some injury or hurt, &c. after he is in possession of it.

If there be mutual reception between the receiver of the ☽ and the ☽, he shall obtain the thing, and more than he looked for. And if the lord of the ascendant be also received, he shall obtain whatsoever he hoped for, that is feasible or possible.

If the querent's significator or ☽ apply to a fortune, not cadent, he may expect the thing desired.

N.B. if the querent name the thing hoped for, then judge of it by its own proper house, &c.; as, if it be money the 2d, if it be children the 5th, &c.

Of the Sincerity of Friends1

Good planets in the 11th, or ☊ there, or good aspects between the lords of the 11th and ascendant, denote the friends of the querent to be sincere; and if they throw good aspects to the cusp of the 2d house, its lord, or ⊕, it denotes gain thereby. Evil planets, and evil aspects in like manner, denote false friends and losses. The lord of the 12th in the 11th, denotes a secret enemy under the guise of friendship. ☿ in the 11th, shews wavering, unsteady friends, unless he be in a fixed sign.


277:1 These rules are not found in our author.

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